Things We Neglect in Skincare Routine

Things We Neglect in Skincare Routine!

Skincare is a most important routine we generally ignore as we can not feel its damage instantly. it’s better to start nourishing skin and protect from outside pollution.

We all know about pollution and how pollution can deeply hurt our skin types. 

Prevention is always better than cure but for that, we need to understand how this pollution affects our skin.

So before protecting our skin from pollution, let’s understand what pollution actually does to our skin and how it slowly affects the quality of our skin.

covid and quarantine made us realize how much we like to go out and enjoy.

Normally we are mostly exposed to the sun and when we are out we are connected directly with many sources of solutions.

Air pollution, when combined with sunlight, is the main cause of skin damage and can have a very reverse effect on your skin protection layer.

Air pollution has an effect on our skin :

  • igniting exhaust
  • free radicals

along with this, we are exposed to UV rays when we are out 

few results of UV rays effects:

  • Brown spots scattered on the skin
  • Discoloration of skin
  • pores which get clogged
  • Acne gets worse
  • Aging skin
  • skin swelling or inflammation 

protection with sunscreen :

to protect against sun or open rays or UV rays some layer of artificial protection is important. the skin has its protection layer but sometimes due to the extra effect of UV rays it’s important for us to wear a layer of cream or SPF can help to maintain skin humid levels and keeps skin healthy and protects its natural nutrients.

What is an antioxidant?

Antioxidants always protect our skin from free radical damage, what are these free radicals. theses are oxygen-containing molecules and they connect with any molecules and create a reaction so sometimes these types of free radicals are a cause of skin damage.

So antioxidants protect our skin when our skin is exposed to pollution and they help to heal our skin faster and keep skin moisture protected.

We always talk about vitamins.

Vitamins are small organic molecules that are very important and the most essential nutrients needed for the functioning of each cell.

For best skin, vitamins c and e are very important. They fight against pollution and sometimes vitamin c even helps to protect our skin from the formation of free radicals.

 Plant-based products are very skin-friendly and help to make your skin glow. it’s freely available in the market.

 Always choose products that have anti-inflammatory effects or have collagen protection characteristics.

Day to Day skincare regime.

under eye serum

Anti-aging wrinkle serum

skin damage wrinkle-free creams

healthy skin protection habits can help you to prevent damage 

  • Help to clear blotchy complexion
  • Preserve the youthfulness of skin
  • Fade fine lines and wrinkles 
  • The complexion looks brighter and shiny 
  • Repair black spots and pigmentation

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