A Complete Guide on What is Glycolic Acid and How to Use

Uses ofΒ  Glycolic Acid in Your Skin Care

What is Glycolic Acid:

Glycolic acid is a water-soluble alpha hydroxy acid generated from sugar cane (AHA). It's one of the most commonly used AHAs in skincare.

AHAs are a type of natural acid generated from plants. They're made up of very little molecules that your skin can easily absorb. This qualifies them for anti-aging applications such as fine wrinkle-smoothing, skin texture enhancement, and so on.

How Glycolic Acid Works

The smallest molecules of all the AHAs are found in glycolic acid.Β  This permits glycolic acid to penetrate the skin more deeply and exfoliate it more effectively than other AHAs.

Glycolic acid functions by increasing cell turnover. To put it another way, it breaks down the connections that hold skin cells together. As a result, your skin is able to shed dead skin cells faster than it would otherwise.

Glycolic acid also encourages your skin to produce more collagen.Β  Collagen is a protein that gives your skin firmness, plumpness, and elasticity. It also aids in the preservation of bone and connective tissue health.

Collagen production decreases as you grow older. Collagen deteriorates when you spend too much time in the sun. Collagen degradation can be prevented by using glycolic acid on a daily basis.

What It Does for Your Skin

For a variety of reasons, glycolic acid is a popular treatment, including:


  • Anti-aging: It reduces fine wrinkles and improves the tone and texture of the skin.
  • Hydration: It hydrates the skin and keeps it from drying out.
  • It fades dark spots produced by sun damage while also protecting collagen from the sun.
  • When used on a daily basis, it illuminates the skin.
  • Exfoliation helps the skin shed dead skin cells, which prevents ingrown hairs and makes pores appear smaller.
  • Acne: It prevents comedones, blackheads, and inflammatory outbreaks by cleaning the pores.

Despite the claims of numerous publications that glycolic acid can remove scars, it simply cannot. Acne or other sores can leave dark areas on the skin, which glycolic acid can brighten. It may also make raised scars and pitted scars appear less noticeable, but it will not make them disappear.

Choosing the Right Skin Treatment

The glycolic acid treatment you choose is mostly determined by your skin type and final goals. OLAMOR Glycolic Acid Products may be enough to offer you brighter, healthier-looking skin. They may also be sufficient to prevent breakouts and diminish fine wrinkles without the use of more powerful professional peels.

The percentage of glycolic acid in any glycolic acid treatment is simply one component to consider when making a decision. The pH of the product is the other. Regardless of the amount of glycolic acid in a product, the more acidic it is, the stronger and more effective it will be on your skin.

How to Use Glycolic Acid Safely

Glycolic acid is generally harmless for your skin and effective. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using glycolic acid to keep your skin safe.

First and foremost, whenever you use glycolic acid treatments, you must wear sunscreen.Β  Glycolic acid, like all AHAs, might make your skin more sun-sensitive. You don't want to undo all of the benefits of glycolic acid, nor do you want to get sunburned.

After the first few sessions, your skin may feel harsh. This is natural and simply indicates that the glycolic acid is doing its job. Continue to use your glycolic acid product unless your skin becomes inflamed. You should notice a gradual improvement in the smoothness and health of your skin.

Most importantly, if you're under the care of a dermatologist, acquire their approval before utilizing any glycolic acid products or getting a peel.


Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid generated from sugar cane. As it permeates into the skin, it boosts cell turnover. As a result, glycolic acid is an excellent exfoliator that leaves the skin looking healthier and more radiant.

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