Blood Circulation Massage

Blood Circulation- Healing from within

Blood Circulation-Healing from within


Blood circulation is most important for glowing skin or healthy organs.
Why blood circulation has a great effect on the skin, better we understand correctly.
Anything that gets more oxygen started blooming when we have fresh oxygen and healthy air we feel so happy because our lungs feel happy and all cells get pure oxygen.
Blood flow with oxygen and a lot of important nutrients and they reach to cells so the cell can work with full force thought out the body.

For skin also the same. The more oxygen, the more healthy cells and more happy skin.
So how we can increase this blood circulation, increasing continuously blood flow, the best way to help skin cells is doing exercise because exercise can increase blood flow. One major benefit of blood circulation is it helps a lot to carry oxygen and carry by-products waste products, some free radicals from cells so that helps to clean cells also.

Poor blood circulation can have a direct effect on the body’s healing mechanism.

I always think about how blood circulations apply to good healthy skin.
When circulations are slow, it can make your skin dry also. It can make your hair fall and also nail brittle. Skin itching and rashing can happen.

We should focus on ways which can increase our blood circulation.
We always think about looking good topically, and we always make sure that we use the good product on our skin but cleaning from inside is very important.

We never think about healing our skin from within. So, the moment we focus on healing from within that will reflect on your face.
As we know muscle functioning is the best way for blood circulations.

Your inner skin gets damage by toxins free radicals, so when you focus on blood circulation means you are providing more oxygen to a different part of the body and the skin will heal from within.

Green leafy vegetables and some citrus juices are best for your inner skin health. & when inner skin is healthy means you have good immunity, these green vegetables and citrus juices are filled with fibers and they increase your blood circulations.

We know few basic steps for blood circulations:

  • Do exercises regularly.
  • Eat healthy food which contains more fiber.
  • Self-skin massage.

One thing I feel that cold water has a good effect on skin blood circulation. As when you suddenly take a shower with cold water, it shocked your brains and when Brains find something unusual blood start flowing very fast.

I have experienced that when you massage yourself with fingers definitely your skin starts glowing but if you do some facial which involves certain relaxing points blood circulation increase more.
Using some skin tools like Mellow roller or Guasha will definitely give your blood some different circulation and flow increase like anything.

Skin tools with some Serum that gives an immense glow effect.
Such massages can increase your lymph circulation and make the delivery of oxygen to your cells more quickly and precisely.

It is important to use the product on oral skin but taking care of skin from within and healing skin from within is also important.
Blood circulation is the best way to look glowier and pinky.

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