DERMA TALK: Refreshing basic knowledge.

DERMA TALK: Refreshing basic knowledge.

DERMA TALK: Refreshing basic knowledge.



We all surprised to hear or know that skin is the biggest body organ we have.

We all know that our body has an entire system that is cover by skin not only cover by skin is also protected by skin.

So have you ever thought about what will happen the skin is not there, quick answer me??? Yes, our all-organs muscles or bones must be not having any boundaries.

So can we say skin is our holding organ which holds all our organs and makes a fence against the environment? YES


Another major activity skin is doing is that it protects our body from our side weather and keeping our body temperature in control. It supports us to have a feel and touch senses.

We know about three layers of skin and each has its importance.

The epidermis is part that is visible to you. So, skin which you can touch and feel is the epidermis. Now again when you look at your skin, keep watching it. Your epidermis is continuously working, forming new cells which are skin cells under it.

So how it works when cells are ready to complete forming it will move on top of epidermis layer and one which is on top will start fading, this cycle is around 15 days to 45 days. So, what we see on our skin are dead cells. Our upper layer skin cells are very strong and protect your skin strongly but all that is for few days then they all flake our and new cells take their place.

We are not aware but every minute we lose skin cells and they are approx.30000 to 40000 in numbers. So, when I am writing this blog, I have approximately lost about 30,000 cells from my upper layer. This is how your skin works. When you have more dead cells and melanin increases your skin starts looking dark. So, your skin cells and melanin are responsible for your skin texture and color.

Skin is thicker and stronger on the epidermis.

But when we see on our body parts soles of feet and palms are thickest. And thinnest skin is the eyelid. Men are having thicker skin while females are having thin skin.

Another skin activity is that it always helps when your skin is too hot and too cold, Different glands which are sweat glands help to control it.

So, when we are talking about skin type, which are the glands are responsible for skin type

There are two types of skin glands are there:

One gland is which secrets sebum and other glands which secrets sweat.

Sebum word we know as it is responsible for oiliness on skin. Actually, sebum is responsible for moisturizing and gives protection to the skin even your hair also. But when its secrets more sebum it starts clogging pores where their challenges initiate.

So, glands are responsible for skin quality.

That’s why knowing your skin & hair type is very important so you can use the right products.

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