Keratin shampoo and benefits

Everything you need to know about Keratin Shampoo

Keratin and their benefits

Keratin is in many hair care products, particularly shampoo. That’s why we’re taking the time to talk about this element with you!

There’s no denying it. Keratin is one of the most well-known shampoo components. Keratin is the most fundamental building block of your hair, as you surely already know. But there’s a lot more to say. That is why, in this blog, we answer frequently asked concerns concerning everything you need to know about Keratin Shampoo,  protein, and its relationship to hair.

1 – What is a Keratin Shampoo?

what is a keratin shampoo

A keratin shampoo contains the keratin protein. The ‘hydrolyzed keratin’ or amino acids as an ingredient.

There are two types of keratin shampoos, so to speak. Keratin is used as a supportive element in the majority of them. And keratin is the main element in some of them. Brands commonly refer to the latter as ‘keratin shampoo.’


2 – What Exactly is Keratin and what does it have to do with your Hair?

What exactly is keratin and what does it have to do with your hair?

Keratin is a 19-amino-acid protein that is in human hair. Cysteine is one of these acids that warrants a bit more attention. Cysteine is a sulfur-rich amino acid that plays an important function in hair cell cohesiveness Everything you need to know about Keratin Shampoo. 


Asian hair contains 94% keratin, African hair contains 85% keratin and European hair contains 89% keratin


Keratin makes up the majority of your hair, Keratin is responsible for both your hair’s interior and outward structure, which should come as no surprise. Keratin is thus responsible for the tenacity and resilience of your hair.


You may imagine that removing some keratin from your hair will make the structure unstable and your hair weaker. Damaged hair is the result.


Under the microscope, your hair looks like:


  • A corn cob with a few missing kernels.
  • A road with potholes and fissures.
  • A limestone with numerous little holes.

Keratin hair products will be beneficial if your hair is in this state. They repair part of the damage by filling in the holes. This restores the strength of your hair and reduces the risk of future breakage. Furthermore, keratin-rich hair is usually much smoother and frizz-free.


In haircare, the distinction between keratin and vegetable ingredients is that keratin replaces broken bricks with new ones, whilst vegetable ingredients merely cover the surface. The latter appears to be fine, although it is less stable.


3 – What is the Origin of Keratin in Hair Products?

What is the origin of keratin in hair products

Human hair contains the best keratin for hair restoration. However, human protein products are no longer permitted in India.


Animals are now the only source of genuine, authentic keratin. Keratin is a protein that can’t be found in plants or flowers. Even if there is a trace of protein, it is not the same as the keratin found in human hair. This means it will serve no use other than to create a good marketing tale.


Animal keratin can be divided into two categories.:


  1. A Keratin Invertebrates
  2. B Keratin In reptiles and birds

4 – Should I buy a keratin shampoo?

Should I buy a cleanser

If your hair is weak & damaged, keratin-enriched hair products should be considered. If you do some of the following things regularly, it might be a good idea to do so as well:

bleached, colored, or highlighted.

Perm your hair with a chemical relaxer.

Hot styling equipment for hairstyle

Swim in chloride- or salt-rich water.

Allow your hair to be exposed to the sun for a few hours per week.

5 – What’s the difference between a High-end Shampoo and a low-cost  Shampoo?

Difference of high and low protein

The key distinction is the keratin quality. And three factors can be used to determine that quality:

The size of the keratin molecules is the first consideration. The better (and deeper!) the molecules can enter the hair shaft, the smaller they are. The more damage they can cure and the stronger your hair becomes, the deeper they go. It also determines the keratin molecules’ ability to cling to your hair.

The affinity of keratin with human hair is the second factor to consider. The stronger your hair becomes, the better keratin can connect itself to human hair. In addition, your hair is less prone to damage in the aftermath.

The amount of active amino acids in keratin that can perform their functions is the third factor to consider. Each of the 19 amino acids in keratin serves a specific purpose. Cysteine, for example, joins all particles in the hair and keeps moisture in. Tyrosine, on the other hand, ensures that hair dye color molecules can adhere to the hair.

So we can conclude the following:

The smaller the keratin molecules are, the better their affinity for human hair is, and the more active amino acids there are.

We could now conclude that higher-priced keratin shampoos contain higher-quality keratin. However, because we don’t have all of the details for every brand, we can’t state that this rule applies to all of them. Unfortunately, companies can make the same assertion about a product that includes 1% of an ingredient as a product that contains 5% of the same component.

OLAMOR is one of the few brands that were open about its production process. They explained how they guarantee quality.

6 – Is keratin shampoo Harmful to Your Hair?

Is keratin harmful to your hair

Some people believe that having too much keratin protein is unhealthy for your hair. Many people are curious about what occurs when your hair absorbs too much keratin. Is it possible to oversaturate your hair, for example? Everything you need to know about Keratin Shampoo.

It’s vital to remember that keratin proteins can only be absorbed to a limited extent by hair. It simply cannot tolerate any more after that. It’s similar to a sponge that can only absorb a certain amount of liquid. As a result, there’s no need to be concerned about oversaturation or ‘over-deproteinization of the hair

The following are the reasons why hair can’t absorb any more. Hair that has been damaged is negatively charged. Hair that is in good health has positive energy. Keratin only binds to negatively charged surfaces. As a result, once the hair is healthy again, keratin can no longer connect to it.

7 – Does Shampoo Straighten your Hair?

Does shampoo straighten your hair

On the market, there are some hair straightening products that contain the word ‘keratin.’ Consider keratin treatments. As a result, some individuals believe keratin is the component that straightens hair. This, however, is not the case.


Heat or chemicals that destroy the hair’s core disulfide connections are the only methods to completely straighten it. your hair cannot be straightened with a keratin shampoo!


8 – Do you want to buy a Keratin Product?

Do you want to buy a keratin Products

Do you wish to acquire a keratin shampoo due to hair damage? Choose one from the list below that best meets your requirements!

OLAMOR optimised their keratin product affinity for human hair. In addition, their keratin has all 19 amino acids, allowing them to perform all of their jobs. Furthermore, they developed a technology that allows keratin to stick to your hair for twice as long (in comparison to other brands)

OLAMOR Plush Keratin Spa 

  • Olamor plush spaPlush is the essential element you are missing in your hair care routine. It has multi-function abilities to repair, recreate and rock. Once done your hair can shine like never before.
  • It is an intense therapy to get rid of the damages done by the environment and lose the fizziness for good.

Olamor Glisten Keratin:

  • Glisten Keratin Shampoo
  • Protects hair from wind, dust, and rain by providing a protective cover.
  • Locks in moisture and prevents hair from drying.
  • Keeps hair frizz-free and shining naturally.
  • Make Glisten shampoo, an everyday important ritual to keep hair healthy and beautiful.
  • Sulphate-free & created with love for all hair types.

That’s Everything you need to know about Keratin Shampoo  We hope to provide clear and accurate information on keratin shampoo in this article. Please let us know if something isn’t obvious or if you have any further information in the comments!


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