EXFOLIATION Even Texture Caretaker

EXFOLIATION – Even Texture Caretaker

EXFOLIATION – Even Texture Caretaker

We often talk about exfoliation and extraction it is very important to understand that what is these words mean.

It says that regular exfoliation is very important; I truly believe & support exfoliation when we talk about good skincare, because glowing skin is dependent on exfoliation if doing it the right way. Exfoliation should be done in the right way else it can damage and make your skin texture rough.
How does this exfoliation scrubbing works and how it helps to give good skin?

What does an exfoliating scrub do?

Exfoliation means rubbing and removing extra dead skin.
So, when we talk about skin exfoliation means removing dead skin cells which accumulated on your skin surface with help of chemicals or rough texture substance like sand type or sometimes, we can use exfoliation tool also. It is not like that when you do exfoliation your dead cells completely sheds, your skin sheds dead cell every 28 to 30 days but sometime does not shed easily. So, it shows very cloggy skin, patches or skin tone looks darker. Exfoliation helps to clear it. So when you clear it skin pores are open for more oxygen and then the skin looks breathable.

There are two types of exfoliations is there mechanical and chemical.
You should use the method as per skin type.

Chemical exfoliation involves different types of peels where mechanical exfoliation can do by exfoliation tools which can be a brush, scrubber or sponge to physically removing your dead layers from the skin.

So skin types play a major role when you are doing exfoliation.
Decide and do an analysis of skin type and use the exfoliation technique.

Which skin type should go for Exfoliation?

Normal Skin: Is clear no sensitive so use very soft and mild scrubbing for exfoliation.
Sensitive skin: A gain, check a little and find out if your skin is reacting? Then use exfoliation which has a smooth texture.

Oily Skin: When skin is sticky it needs dry-based exfoliation or you can use a sponge and use a product in that.

Combination Skin: When the skin has a dry and oil area makes sure to use an exfoliation tool that has a little powdery effect.
Exfoliation can damage your skin and some time-sensitive skin can have a scar
So prevent any damage following simple steps:

Physical Exfoliation:

As per your skin type, you can always mild your scrubbing substance by adding Solace from OLAMOR.
Take one part of scrubbing ingredients (like apricot or coffee granules or brown sugar) mix with double amount of Solace CREAM. If you have sensitive skin only use Solace cream and scrub with a soft sponge. We can use some basic Material for manual Exfoliation. Mitts which can use for exfoliation Dry brushes with soft bristles pumice stones with mild textures Microneedle derma rollers
cotton cloth

Chemical Exfoliation:

Chemical exfoliation includes mild chemicals. Glycolic acids face wash (you can use OLAMOR Pristine.) Niacinamide (OLAMOR Lay Bare) retinol. These all are mid chemicals with enzymes to shed your dead cells and renew & glow makes your skin glow.

Skin-exfoliationNow very basic questions:

How I know that now is time for exfoliation. When skin looks dull your skin tone looks dark. You find some blackhead on skin. Some pores look clogged.
If you are using specific medicated skin products, make sure exfoliation should be with expert advice.
Avoid if you feel your skin has some open scares or pores.

Always follow with some cold pack.

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