Fine lines and wrinkles

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines & Wrinkles

I ALWAYS BELIEVE that most of the female that gets scared when they start aging, they feel that wrinkles will appear or my skin will soggy.

Gerascophobia is sometimes because of the wrinkle or fine lines as no one wants to look aged or they want to feel wrinkles on their face I was gone into deep thoughts and thinking what is this wrinkle?
I have checked and found out that fine lines are not so deeper but these wrinkles are very deep.
So fine lines are babies of wrinkles.

As we age as we grow old these fine lines which are very soft and superficial turn into deep wrinkles as skin loses its elasticity and tightness or firmness.

Is it possible that we get rid of these fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes, some treatments can lessen the effect of these wrinkles.
There are mot treatments which help to uneven pigmentation, or texture even or removing wrinkles.
A natural way of maintaining is having a good healthy life and age gorgeously.

I want to talk about today is what is the difference between fine lines and wrinkles?

First, we all know this is a sign of aging.
Suddenly skin will start looking and changing the way it was appearing and fine lines start appearing.
Skin naturally loses the moisture deep within and elasticity of muscle which starts as you aging.
Science says, when we are young we have fat under skin layers when we start aging degeneration happens and that fat layers start breaking down.

The more you age or you don’t take care of your skin these fine lines convert in wrinkle very easily means it becomes very dark.

It’s very natural that skin starts losing its firmness and fullness and becomes thin and thin day by day. And that effect we can see overtime on the skin. Theses skin challenges are caused by collagen & elastin breakdown.

Collagen is a supportive protein for skin elasticity. Collagen is present in bones, tendons, skin. Collagen production decreases with age and skin starts starving collagen and it loses that framing, result skin sagging and wrinkling.

This collagen is like a frame for the skin it’s like fencing of the skin so when with age it starts breaking down skin does not have control so its shape starts changing. In this case, even skin does not have the strength to hold anything. This is due to aging. We can use some products which can help to develop collagen and build collagen also.

But fine lines and wrinkles depend on your breakdown of skin fat, collagen.

We cannot stop this, but we can only delay a little bit of converting fine lines to deep wrinkles by taking care of our skin with some products.

We can avoid.

  • More sun exposure.
  • Smoking can be worse.
  • Pollution.
  • Dehydration of skin.
  • Not using the right products.

Your day-to-day skincare routine has a major effect on your skin types.
Add on antiaging and anti-wrinkle products and follow them religiously.
This can prevent some fine lines to come at an early age.

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