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Glow Goals. Military KCD

GLOW GOALS. Tick Tick .Consistency is the only Trick. Military KCD

New dreams, a new purpose, and new goals- Glow Goals!
A new day brings out new challenges and hope this new year might be better than 2020.
This pandemic is fading and now leaving us with a new way of living our lives. So this new year we need new regime too. Your skin needs can change with age, temperature, humidity but most important is your mood, during the pandemic our skin also felt compressed with the constant use of masks and other precautionary gears. Now it’s time to blossom! Your skin has silently suffered a lot during these times as it was hardly getting direct sunlight which is of utmost importance for your skin glow.
Now when we all are back with even more energy, achieving, our best skin is also in our to-do list, what it takes to reach our best skincare goals?

KCD, knowledge Discipline, and Consistency.

Discipline & consistency is the key and without knowledge it all goes to waste. You can follow KCD in your skin care by following a few mantras.

• Make sure you have a to-do list for your skincare routine.
• Keep your creams handy in your wallet.
• Give your cream some nicknames, so you will remember it all the time and eventually use it.
• Give rewards to yourself when you follow your routines and make a weekly ceremony of celebration.
• Touch therapy works well, keep pampering your skin. Your skin listens through touch so make it feel pretty when you make it feel pretty it will look like a pearl.

These tiny steps towards skincare can make a huge difference.

Inner desire and willingness to go your way and maintain your skin like a small baby but remember every individual has a different skin type and different routine, just because other people are using fancy masks and scrubs, does not mean you need to too. There are many paths so identify the paths that can take you to get the complexion of your dreams.

Follow Military Regime then you will feel.


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