Hair growth and blood circulations

Hair growth and blood circulations

Hair growth and blood circulations

We always feel that more shopping for hair care will increase our hair growth. Do you use all the best products in the beauty market, and you always feel that why the hair does not show any growth?
There could be different reasons for getting the same results.

One reason could be poor blood circulation and roots are becoming dead.
So believe that increasing blood circulation can be helpful to create a strong foundation for hair growth. So scalp blood circulation is more turn in to more growth.

I always think about hair growth, and I feel why it says that blood circulation is important for hair growth. Is it necessary to have good blood circulation for healthy hair?

We all know that blood is a way of transport in the body system, blood keeps circulating in each organ of the body and supplies required nutrients and oxygen for all organs and it does the same to the hair too.

Now these nutrients are helpful for hair growth and hair growth process like maturation and keeping follicles maintained.

Means it helps to run the hair growth cycle healthy. As we know when hair follicles are healthy then, hair roots are healthy.

If blood circulation is fewer follicles get low oxygen and get shut down and convert into dormant follicles. So active blood circulation will reflect in healthy full head hair.

Any hair scalp treatment works on blood circulation. Follicle opening and closing are responsible for hair growth.

How we know that have fewer blood circulations. We should be aware of symptoms.

  1. Hair with lackluster- First sign of poor circulation is hair loses lust.
  2. Hair volume decreases overnight.
  3. The rate of hair fall increases compared to normal.
  4. Density visibly looks less.
  5. Hair becomes finer.
  6. Hair grows up to the baby hair length.
  7. Hair follicle shrinks and shut means dead follicles.
  8. Hair loses its charm.


  1. Scalp massage with finger acupressure and hair growth serum.
  2. Your follicle is only part alive in your hair so it’s like roots in a plant.
  3. So, give proper care and massage to stay them active.
  4. Massage will make follicle alive and increase or active detoxification and oxygenation in the cells.
  5. Which will again initiates the growth of your hair.
  6. So, a healthy scalp is healthy follicles and a healthy follicle is healthy headful hair.
  7. Avoid dryness of the scalp; do not use shampoo which has more detergent.
  8. More massage more blood and restoring of hair.


People like to use different hair scalp massages now question is that do these massaging tools helps?
You can try a scalp massaging tool which is available in market instead of your fingertips.

There are tools available, the best are one comes in form of a brush, handheld wooden or rubber one.
These are best because they give equal pressure to each part of the scalp.

Some of the hairbrushes that come along with shampoo are useful to remove dead skin from the scalp, and that makes the scalp very clear and more breathable.

They promote healthy hair growth.

Certain oil also helps the active follicle and promotes hair growth in few months.

Hair growth and scalp massager works, but it takes disciplined activity and then it shows the result.

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