Hair Mask & Hair Conditioner Difference

Hair Mask & Hair Conditioner Difference

Hair Mask and Hair Conditioner



Hair is crown, for EVERYONE.

The most important thing any human can have after talent and skill is hair. Your hair makes you feel happy, and it defines your beauty. Now days where everything is available just on a one-click it is important for you to understand that what are the steps and why they are useful to take care of your hair.

Whenever we are thinking about hair care few things pop up in our mind.

  • Hair oil
  • Hair mask
  • Shampoo
  • Serum
  • Comb
  • Treatments
  • Vitamins

Today we are going to talk about the mask. It’s important to understand what is difference between a mask and a conditioner.


We all know that we apply shampoo and then we apply conditioner, conditioner makes the effect of shampoo a little milder so hair becomes more soft and smooth.

Conditioner is a little milder than the mask, as the mask has a richer moisturizer that has nourishment ingredients.

Hair mask

Hair mask absorbs deeply and makes your hair strands more hydrated, besides making your hair conditioned.

Hair mask repairs damaged hair, so it plays a role of treatment where the conditioner is milder so make hair smooth and increase the upper-level shine.

So the question arises against that when we use MASK AND WHEN WE SHOULD RELY ON CONDITIONER?

We all are always looking for the growth and health of our hair. We try to take care by reducing using heat styling tools and we get trim regularly.

We take care of our hair like we take care of baby.

There are many different things we can do to increase the health of our hair and the quality of hair.
The mask is a nourishing layer that protects hair from day-to-day damage.

We all talk about hydration, even for skincare we talk about hydration. One of the major benefits of the mask is it gives rich hydration to your hair. If you have dry hair a mask can lock the moisture.
We all love colours and everyday new style new colour pallet for hair is getting introduce by cosmetic industry. This colour looks good but sometime due to pollution or weather effect it can damage your hair. To keep your hair healthy and maintain its shine, it is important to use the mask as a maintenance buddy.

When we colour hair, our hair is stripped of oil which is naturally presence. And hair oil amount gets fewer and due to that hair loses its charm. So the mask has some ingredients which balance this.
Some people feel damage issues even then when they are not using any heating tools. Because some other day-to-day activities like regular washes and brushing too harshly can damage your hair.
When you use a mask to can also help to shine your hair, it can protect your hair so wind or harsh pollution can not affect shine and smoothness.

  • Hair mask should be used three times a month.
  • Apply a sufficient amount from roots to end.
  • Wrap your hair with a cling wrapper so natural heat will make the absorption process quick.
  • Wash very gently and let it naturally dry.

So we know now hair mask is a mixture of highly hydrates oils, kinds of butter, and conditioning content.

Where conditioner has a mild conditioning agent you can always use TEZ BY OLAMOR. Which has protein-based nourishment, and that can give you instant mirror effect hair.

So conditioner only works superficially and makes hair shiny for a day or two where mask helps to rehydrate and repair your hair and protect it from day to day damage.

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