Hand Connection

Hands make you look gentle, hard, or graceful. Therefore, Hand care is equally important as Face care & Hair Care.
Everyone has their way they feel comfortable when performing hand care some like to do the regular manicure or different types of manicures.
Your hands play a pivotal role in adding to your general grace of movement. Every gesture you make should have a certain kind of beauty and purpose.
Perfect as your body grace maybe, your hands can betray any awkwardness of lack of poise.

Hand movements:

Avoid hand movements they are jerky and awkward. A graceful gesture adds immeasurably to your charm and the effectiveness of your conversation. But don’t overdo it. Hands that are relaxed and calm gives you an aura of serenity and gentleness.
If you have a habit of communicating with your hands and moving your hands, do deep study and find out what they say for you. Just a little attention on the subject is the best cure for over gesturing. Some people have a habit to control their hands when they are talking that create non-expressive gesture and that reflect fake personality. Hands can help you to express your feelings and if beautiful hands will do that then that will be the cherry on the cake.

Preserve the gestures that have real meaning and grace. Eliminate the excess, meaning less flaying of the hands like dancing with both arms open making your hands your best accessory.
We will start with outer beauty, and that is keeping your hands neat and clean. For females making hands look beautiful with manicures, nail paints & finger rings.

Few things you can follow for your hand care routine:

  1. Prepare your hands for a manicure.
  2. Cut & file.
  3. Cuticle management.
  4. Buffing.
  5. Do not forget Basecoat – protect your nails.
  6. Apply nail paint – check your color palette.
  7. Dry your nail paint & apply skin oil for nourishment.care of hand

let’s make your hands look graceful. Few things to understand and language

  1. All movements of the fingers starts from the wrist.
  2. Keep your wrist flexible.
  3. Move your fingers like a flow of water.
  4. Keep your fingers relaxed and easy.
  5. Do some finger exercises regularly.
  6. Interlocking fingers are the best way to increase flexibility.

Younger-looking hands:

Moisturized, hydrated hands is the key to neutralize dead and creepy skin.
Dry skin looks like dead skin, remove it with the right scrub or exfoliation techniques.
Do not forget Hand SPF.
Do not forget hand gloves.
There is no right or wrong way to use your hands but graceful fingers make you look beautiful & it adds value to your communication. And remember that the most graceful hands of all are those that reach out to help another.

“The Humble hands”.

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