Eyecare in Winter Season

Eyecare in Winter Season!

In the season when our skin asks for help, we often take steps to protect ourselves from the cold and wind. But it may surprise you to know that the cold of winter may have a few potential risks in our vision as well. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that around 80% of all worldwide vision impairment is avoidable. Each year, eye disease and vision loss cases are rising, taking care of our eyes is vital. We recommend that you do these exercises every day.
#1: Extra care
If you are not aware that our eye is made up of water, and fatty tissues and they need extra care than any other part. and winter is the season that completely dries out the eyeball.
Quick Exercises for Tired Eyes in Winter
1. If you’re starting to feel your eyes tired on a cold winter morning, the easiest thing you can do is blink, and blink.
Eye Rolling is one of the best exercises at any time just roll your eyeballs in a horizontal, vertical direction or rotate in a form of circular motion.
Rub your palms and place them gently on your eyes.
hydrate yourself because not only the eye but the entire body needs water to stay healthy.

#2: Dry Air
As outdoor temperatures drop during the winter, the air becomes cooler and can no longer hold as much atmospheric water vapor–humidity as warmer air present during the rest of the year. Cold winter winds are especially dehydrating to our eyes and skin which are comprised mostly of water. When the air is dry, the eye surface which is 99 percent water loses moisture content to accelerated evaporation and can become dry, dehydrated, and irritated.
#3: Protection from the UV Rays
Excessive UV exposure from direct sunlight puts us at greater risk for skin problems and many times can make you feel dehydrated hence the reason we’re advised to wear sunglasses and sunscreen during long periods of outdoor activity. UV radiation can also be reflected from the snow or any surface and while it may not always cause a sunburn, it poses just as great a threat to our vision health.

#4: Hydration
Now you know that our eye is made up of water, you need to drink enough water and stay hydrated this will not only make your eyes healthy but enhance the overall beauty of your appearance.

These are some of the problems and their remedies to overcome eye problems, if would like to add some more feel free to add them in the comments below.

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