HEY LOOK I AM Humble with MY hair. Are you?

We use a word like humble, be soft be kind be gentle. As we all believe that hair is our crown and it gives us glory. We love to be humble with our skin we love to be humble with our body, we often we ignore our hair.

Ask yourself, are you being humble with your hair?

Analysis of hair will include hair condition. Self-questioning is the best way to know the situation.

  • What is the shedding ratio of my hair, how much time I am taking to detangle my hair?
  • Is trimming is a routine part of my Haircare.
  • Why your product is perfect for your hair type?
  • Are you consistent in your hair care Regime?



Be humble with your hair. Treat your hair like a small baby. Very softly and do not use accessory which damages your hair.

Few things to focus

  • I always believe in brushing or combing Hair in the right way.

Combing or brushing hair is very important, and it should start by backcombing and very slow from tips and then slowly go toward your scalp. This will stop your breakage.


  • How do I tackle my tangled hair?

I always seen when I don’t sleep properly my hair gets tangled, and if I have not covered my hair in the breeze or windy weather my hair becomes ruff and tangles.
So whenever you feel hair extremely tangled, dab a Hair mask and then slowly with the right comb work on it.


  • How I chose my comb BANK.

We are easy selecting comb as we don’t give detailed attention to what type of comb we should buy, selecting the wrong comb can lead to a major hair challenge, hair breakages, frozenness, and roots become loose so that converts in hair fall.
Sometimes sharp comb teethe edges can make the scalp sensitive.
So, if we use the right comb, it can increase blood circulation and reduce hair damage. Keep your hair more manageable.
Giving attention to hair comb selection can be a boring event but keep few things in mind.


  1.  know your hair type.
    -Straight & silky
    -Over chemical treated.
  2. You should know the purpose for why you are using it.
    -For Drying your hair
    -For Complete wet hair
    -Exfoliating scalp or massage
    -Section/product application

Select the right comb and little care and little love to your hair will bring a different hair look.
Being Humble with hair will increase your Hair Health.

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