I always want to be lion king, supported by Humidity.

It is very important to understand hair structure before we talk about weather effects on it.
I feel knowledge about Hair scalp and the product we use to make us feel strong and empowers us.
When we know about hair structure or skin structure, I feel taking care of the segment becomes easier. As we use the right product in such a way that it increases our Hair health.
When you give quality healthcare, you can tame the hair the way you want.
Knowing the scientific structure of hair is interesting.

We never think about an average human being head has 1,00,000 hair with the same number of Follicles. Being human we get worried when our hair starts shedding but it is normal when it is between 50 and 100 hair.

Do you know the medical Term TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM? It’s Excessive hair shedding.

We were discussing hair structure, our every strand alone is having three layers, you can think about Frankie, the outer layer is thick and hold everything the inner layer is soft and is filled in the middle.
The cuticle is the outer layer, made of keratin protein, the same how your nails are made of. The cuticle is chances to become porous or lighter in thickness. Hair masks can soften and become a protective layer.

The second layer is the cortex, which is like the plump part in the middle.
It is between two layers so looks like a sandwich. We know that our skin or our hair, color pigmentation is because of melanin. The Cortex is a deciding factor for your hair shape and color.
We have a grey or complete transparent hair which looks white because in cortex cell which produces melanin that had stop producing pigmentation.
The third deeper part is the medulla.
So, this is how hair strand looks.

Hair hates extreme humidity or extreme dryness, become it creates freeness. When there is too much humidity it creates humidity-induced dryness.

Research says that; extreme humidity in the air has a different effect on hair structure. There is a protein bundle, humidity changes the way this bundle gets bind. We all know that humidity means moisture in the air, it breaks the hydrogen bonds, causes the hair to swell in some amount so hair changes its shape and becomes dry or frizzy.

So, what is the best humidity ratio for the hair? Research says 70 percent humidity is good.
Each person’s hair reacts differently. So check with HAIR-O-METER.

Make sure your style as per your hair condition.
Humidity is considered a universal catalyst means it makes the process of frizzy and dryness of hair faster. You can see there is the unappealing effect of hair fizziness or dryness is due to a combination of other dynamics and humidity.

We all know in any dry weather or windy weather our body’s skin becomes very dry and it loses natural moisture so we have to take care of the skin, any extreme weather dries out the scalp and makes it dry and hair roots lose the tightness.

So, Humidity does not create moisture it dries up moisture so preserve moisture with Right product.

TRY OLAMOR HAIR CARE – confidently created for your Hair.

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