let's Grow with Right Haircare

let’s Grow with right Haircare

let's Grow with right Haircare

Haircare is the biggest task when you want your hair to look very nice.

Bouncy heavy hair is the result of a healthy lifestyle.

If you see haircare has a lot of challenges when you have hair-related queries.

We all have different types of hair.

Do you know what type of hair you are having?
Do you know about the porosity of your hair?
Is your hair being dry and oily?
If you do not know what type of hair type you have please analyze your hair by asking few questions to yourself?

Why should we know about hair type?

We all know that we want lustrous hair. We want hair that defines our beauty or defines our personality.
So if you want to have heavy growth with lustrous hair, then find your perfect hair type and then select the right product for it, and this helps your hair to grow and you will have a better hair quality.
we all know that without knowing the direction, we all try different things and may get bad effects on our hair. Clueless product application can result in clueless results.

Types of hair

  • Straight and shiny
  • Straight and frizzy
  • wavy
  • Curly and shiny
  • Oily hair

-Straight hair is blessings but the time when you want to style something or accessories. It’s difficult.
-Straight and frizzy will look rough because your some part of your hair will look dry and some look shiny.
-Wavy hair looks nice it is a natural curl and when you choose the right color for your hair it enhances the look.
-Curly is spring curly if they are shiny they look nice. You should comb in wet hair and let them dry naturally.
-Oily hair is very thick strong curly growth and looks very bouncy.

We all talk a lot about shampooing and deep conditioning of hair.

If you are not living life with extreme pollution, it’s better you can wash your hair once a week, some people do co-wash means only using conditioning in hair no shampoo wash. Co-washes are a good idea but sometimes you feel that your scalp is not good.

I feel deep conditioning is a good idea if you have breakage and dryness.
We often talk about moisturizing but that is only for skincare how you can moisturize your hair generally moisturizing texture is very good I try to do with some serum I mix with water and lightly apply to maintain the texture and to lock the moisture with it.

Have you ever faces hair that gets extremely tangled after wash?
Sometimes you have to put more time in detangled than washing your hair.
Don’t comb hair when they are super extremely wet, let them dry a little.
Always use wide teeth comb.
So small steps and small care can give you big results.
Every individual has their way of taking care of hair, make sure that you do the first analysis and then set your routines.
Do not follow anyone. Just follow how your hair is reacting.

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