Winter's , Dry Lips, and Solutions

Winter’s , Dry-Lips, and Solutions!

Winter to many people brings the joy of a cool climate after a warm summer vacation, but it may also bring along a lot of dryness in the air, causing your skin to become even drier. This weather brings new skin problems for a neglected part of your body like lips. The cold, chilling wind and dry, heated air in the interiors all conspire to make your lips dry and flaky. There is no denying the fact that lips require a lot of care. The best solution to make our lips soft instantly is to apply lip balms however, they only work in the short run. Our kitchen is a treasure box containing ingredients that can be used to take care of lips. We tell you some important tips along with ingredients that can help make your lips soft and moisturized even during the harsh winters.
Tips to take care of your lips during winter

Make sure you avoid licking your lips constantly to make them moist as this process can encourage more dryness. The saliva that is meant to digest food is irritating to the lips.
Lip balms that may contain camphor, menthol, and cool effect should be strictly avoided, these ingredients tend to promote more dryness on the lips, making the problem worse.
If you don’t treat your dry and chapped lips, the chances of them getting infected increase.
Ensure that whenever you apply any ingredient or balm, it should be done at night. Your body is at rest during this time and tends to repair itself. Let the lips take their own time to repair themselves with the treatment you choose to give.
Lip balms that have petrolatum, essential oils, or glycerine protect for a longer time than an ordinary lip balm.
Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on lips regularly.
Keep yourself well hydrated because a dehydrated body will always leave your lips dry and chapped.
Include a healthy and nourishing diet that includes vitamins, minerals to keep your body healthy.
Vitamin A is an important nutrient for healthy lips. Include carrots, milk products in your diet to load up on vitamin A.
Home remedies for lips during winter
1. Coconut oil
Coconut oil is one of the best natural moisturizers you will ever come across, All you need to do is to warm some of it and massage it on your lips. Leave it overnight and wake up to soft and supple lips.
This winter, don’t let your lips suffer from dryness, and bring these handy tips and ingredients to use and enjoy healthy and moisturized lips!
2. Aloe vera
Aloe vera is a commonly available plant at home are nearby, so you can use the gel extracted from the aloe vera leaves to make your lips soft. Aloe vera is full of water content that leaves your lips moisturized naturally.
3. Honey
Honey is said to be an amazing moisturizer that has healing and antibacterial properties to treat chapped lips. Make a mixture of honey and glycerine and apply it to your lips. Leave it overnight and wake up to amazing lips.
4. Ghee
A drop of ghee can work wonders on your dry and chapped lips. Ghee acts as a moisturizer. Apply some ghee on your lips and leave it overnight.
5. Milk
Take some fresh raw milk and, apply it to your lips at least two to three times a day. Milk has moisturizing effects that will help make your lips pink.

These are some of the home remedies that can be helpful to protect your pretty lips all winter long.

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