Little is always more Scrubbing or Exfoliation

Little is always more – Scrubbing or Exfoliation

Little is always more - Scrubbing or Exfoliation

Little is always more – scrubbing or Exfoliation
skincare is not a responsibility it’s a duty if you want to appear young and Beautiful.
Skin routine is a self-made routine some like 3 steps routine some likes nine steps routine. We always want to see miracle results on the face.

One of the crucial steps of skincare is exfoliation, which sounds a very heavy word so it’s important to understand this word.

Simple understanding exfoliation is nothing but soft peeling of the skin. This step is emphasized removing dead skin and it amplifies the process of skincare.
This step helps you to address some skin-related issues like flaky skin and dry skin. So, help your skin to remove dead layers and make your skin complexion look radiant.
You can say that this helps and support your delivery system means helps ingredients to reach deep inside the layers and so the skin gets proper vitamins and stays healthy. So any nutrients or healthy ingredients which are there in your serum or cream reach inside, we know this story very well.

But what will happen if you are not aware and do over-exfoliation what are the sign of over-exfoliation.

Some basic signs of over-exfoliation

  • Irritation and dryness
  • Redness and inflammation
  • Quick reaction on product application
  • Red patches
  • Small pimple and pustules
  • Rough texture
  • Uneven tone
  • Skin looks burnt

The effect and reaction of over-exfoliation are complexions is become dry and you feel continuously burning sensation.

As we know our skin PH is acidic and this acidic layer helps and barrier to things which are entering to the skin, its barrier to harmful things to let into your skin layers. So, over-exfoliation can disturb this acid mantle and skin guard become slow so can result in major skin damage.

So, make sure you do correct exfoliation.

  • Right product as per skin type
  • Two to three times with mild face wash
  • Follow with cover moisturizer.
  • SPF without fail sensation.


The cold compress is the best way to get relief you can use a thin cotton cloth and put ice in it and slowly rub off the face this will give you relaxation, I will suggest you apply moisturizer and then above it rub ice so the skin will start getting a repair.

To avoid harsh face wash for some time do not use too much face wash, reduce the quantity of face wash take very little, and apply softly .Make leather in your palms do not rub your face.
Do not use a loofah on the face I feel skin touch is better so do not use any tool for face wash.
Use soft towel or you can wipe your face with a tissue- sometimes towel can create heat when you wipe your face and it can give you a burning sensation.

Cold water wash, tap and dry any hydrating mask should follow with oily moisturizer will be helpful, as over-exfoliation dry your skin.

These are the basic first aid, if you feel it’s too much and out of control, visit your dermatologist.

Don’t let over-exfoliation disturb your skin cell regeneration cycle, MORE HEALTHY SKIN CELLS GENERATION, BETTER YOUR SKIN WILL BE.

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