Protecting your skin, while staying indoors!

Protecting your skin, while staying indoors!

Did you know that bathing with warm, or lukewarm water can be the ultimate savior! You might think we are going nuts, but according to doctors, bathing with cold water has its own share of benefits. but with the drop in temperature levels, our body realizes energy, and bathing with warm water increases the blood circulation in the body and
But irrespective of the season, bathing is absolutely essential, especially when you are in a world that has been hijacked by Covid-19 variants. So, we are sorry but you don’t have an option!
Why opt for warm water in the winter season?
Bathing is essential, in order to maintain good personal hygiene. but warm water relieves muscle tension, promotes blood circulation, boosts immunity, removes toxins from the body, and reduces stress.
Here are five surprising benefits of bathing with warm water during winter:
It enhances blood circulation
Hot showers allow the blood to move to your organs, in order to keep you warm. Bathing with lukewarm water can be helpful in making the arteries stronger and lowering blood pressure. Thus, you will be able to stay fit and fine throughout your life.
It’s great for your skin and hair
“Did you know? Hot water bathing during those chilly days can make skin soft, just make sure it’s not too hot as it will dry out the skin. Are you aware? It can also seal pores in the skin and scalp, and prevent the dirt from getting in.
Yes, hot water helps in boosting immunity
If you shower with lukewarm water, there will be a higher percentage of white blood cells and a high metabolic rate. This is because the body warms up and in the process, tends to release white blood cells and activates one’s immune system.
It aids in faster muscle recovery
Hot showers will help one to overcome muscle soreness and relieves body nerves.
Hot showers help in dealing with depression
Lukewarm water has a positive effect and enhances one’s mood. Thus, you will feel much more relaxed after you’ve stepped out from a bath.

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Here Are The Quick Information about Hot water showers!
It helps improve digestion.
Helps manage weight.
Keeps you away from cold/cough.
Improves your immunity.
Reduces bloating/gas/abdominal ache.
Reduces the stress levels.
keeps the skin soft, and healthy.

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