Cold Winds, Skin Care, and Many More

Cold-Winds, Skin-Care, and Many More!

We have finally come to the season where we remove all our woolen clothes, and heaters just to keep our body warm, and protect our skin from the cold winds but is it worth it? Not right! Just like our inner beauty lies within us we need to do something thing within us that can be more effective not just to keep our skin protected but also to enjoy the weather.
Here are some of the Tips & Tricks that can surely help
1. Recognize the areas with excessive dryness
In cold weather, you might notice some areas of your skin excessively drying out. Your lips and feet are the worst affected areas. This is primarily because the oil-producing glands are not equally distributed across the body. So, identify the areas of your body that feel especially dry and address the issue right away. Get the perfect winter care that suits your skin. This will hydrate the skin and make it healthy and beautiful within weeks.

2. Right Clothing
Choosing the right piece of material is an art, that nobody masters. But it is important because the wrong material will not only be uncomfortable on the skin but may lead to serious skin problems because our skin is more delicate in winters as compared to other seasons, thus we recommend to make some research about the clothes you wear in winter.

3. Pamper yourself
It is very important to pamper your skin a little extra in a cold-weather It’s not just a luxury, it is a necessity. This is because the skin genuinely loses a lot of its moisture and nutrients during this time. So, book a salon service at home with yourself by giving time to your beauty and getting pampered without having to move out, where comes into play our Pink Series which includes complete hair care that includes Onion Shampoo, Onion Oil, and a Hair mask with essential oils which provide extra nutrients that may not be generated through food.
4. Eat properly
While you can avail of all of the salon services at home by shopping our products and pampering your skin, you can also help the situation immensely by eating the right food. What you eat shows on your skin. Winter comes with green veggies rich in vitamins and nutrients. Certain foods like coconuts and Honey also help to restore the natural oils of your body. Coconut is rich in healthy fats and keeps your skin soft and supple. Olives are a rich source of Vitamin E, something that is essential for fighting dry skin. So, eat right this winter season
5. Drink lots of water
You might think that drinking water may be something you associate with the hot and humid summers. But let us tell you that water is just as beneficial during the winters too as it is during the summers. The more water you drink, the greater your skin remains hydrated from within. Water also helps to flush out the harmful toxins from the skin and helps fight various winter skin problems as well. So, keep a handy water bottle to stay hydrated and see the result with time.

These are some of the OLAMOR Cosmetic personal recommendations for winter, not just to stay protected but to enjoy the seasonal change

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