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Men’s Skin Care – needs different Attention

Men’s Skin Care - needs different Attention

Beauty care skincare and haircare entire industry is bent towards the female audience but research says that men are also now taking interest in their grooming. All grooming industry has only focused on women’s beauty, same advice for men too but male skin has different issues and skin reactions are quite different from female skin.

As working in this industry for more than 12 years I truly believe that men need a different level of focus and attention.

Being a male if you feel you are having some challenges and you don’t know how to deal with them. There are some simple solutions for male skin problems.

Acne & sticky skin

Male skin is always considered oilier than females as it is scientific, they have more sebaceous glands than females. So that means skin produces more amount of oil.

This can make your skin pores more clogged. And they move more in pollution so more clogged pores and dirt that can become one reason for Acne.

Females being more careful they always seek advice immediately when men take time to forthcoming. Mean a delay in treatments can worsen the condition of acne, and it’s much difficult to treat acne.
When you want to treat acne, you should have different approaches. So, deal with sensitive breakouts which are more prominent. I think cleansing is very important, few ingredients can help you
glycolic acid (mild) salicylic acid.

Treating acne will be the first step but never forget that not only treating, but prevention of another sensitive breakout is also important.

For men, you must keep your skin clean, if the skin is clean no acne will erupt.
One of the best things that you could do is ensure that your skin is kept clean. This will prevent blockages from forming in your pores, therefore stopping breakouts from erupting.
Exfoliation is not only for a female but men can do regular exfoliation as exfoliation is the basic key for this treatments.

Red painful patches after shaving.

Men who believe in grooming shave their face every day, if not done properly skin starts reacting and skin become hard in a while.
Exfoliation is good, but over-exfoliation can be detrimental to your face skin as skin is very smooth on the face.

Have you ever heard about razor burn? Razor burn is a condition where skin feels sensitive and redness occurs. That shows you are too harsh in your beard in terms of aggressive face shaving.
The best way to deal with this is to apply some cooling and skin relaxing cream aftershave, you can use aftershave lotion which has antibacterial benefits.

Have you seen some men have some kind of bumps on face?

This bump is a razor bump this is a very common issue. These results in ingrowth hair and this ingrowth hair become sore. You can apply some soothing and moisturizing creme, do not shave that part till it gets to recover.
When you do aggressive shaving, the blade removes some time protective layer also and that makes skin directly in contact with of the environment. Which cause damage.
So, apply proper moisturizer and stay hydrated.

So, men also have some challenges with skin. They need different types of treatments and care.

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