A New Year Resolution!

A New Year Resolution!

As we have welcomed 2022, it is also that time of the year when we rethink our skin health from 2021 and then make plans and resolutions to do all that it takes to get your skin corrected and achieve your dream skin in 2022. And if you are one of those who have decided to do whatever it takes to get healthy glowing skin, you’re not alone. That is a dream wish for many of us. Before you set your resolutions, make sure you set realistic and achievable goals. Also as the months pass by, your determination could wax and wane, so write down 10 points and place it right where it will never miss your eye. The following are the tips to achieve your desired skin.

Here are some of the many ways that can be implemented to get a dream skin to flaunt your beauty

1. Diet should be very balanced and nutritional. But with our expanding taste buds, unfortunately, this is not always possible. So the best way is to eat for taste but at the same time make up for the vitamins and the minerals in the form of oral preparations. Vitamins requirement differs with all age groups. For anybody above 20 years, it is important to start taking an oral antioxidant preparation in the form of a capsule.

2. Sunscreen and that too of a good SPF of at least 20 should be used on your skin daily. It is a must for all ages. Also, sunscreen should be used at least 20 minutes before leaving the house. For ladies, if any makeup is to be applied, it should be applied after the sunscreen.

3. Good skincare routine suited to your skin type is very essential. Cleansing is a general skincare routine. Soaps should be avoided on the face and a face wash according to your skin type should be used. If heavy makeup is applied, that should first be removed with a deep pore cleanser with cotton and then face wash. Toning is good for open pores. A gel toner is preferred over a lotion. It should be done at night after the cleansing. Moisturiser is to be the last thing applied to your skin at night. The type of moisturizer depends on your skin type, but it should contain rich nourishing ingredients.

4. Detoxification removes the toxins and other waste from the body that make our skin look dull and lifeless. Just a simple paste of coriander leaves, mint, and curry pasta mixed 1/3 each taken early morning is a good detox formula and also helps in weight control.

5. Exercise is the only thing you have to adapt to your daily routine in order to take care of yourself, and also good for your complete health & beauty issues

6. Avoid getting tanned. Sun not only makes your skin pigmented, but it also causes early aging and premature wrinkles. However, tanning is something that is inevitable at times. Don’t panic !! Take a piece of ripe papaya or ripe banana and rub it for 15 min on the tanned area of the body.

7. Men need to wake up to skincare too. Avoid using after-shave lotion which had irritant ingredients. Use a skin soother like aloe vera gel or a calamine lotion in case of a shaving rash.

8. Take care of dry, dark, and scaly hands and feet, especially in winters. Hands and feet are the first victims of cold weather. Since these areas lack moisture content and the skin is very thick which goes dry easily, they have to be constantly moisturized. But prior to moisturization, the dead skin in these areas should be exfoliated or scrubbed out, This will ensure better penetration of the product applied. Also soon after the application

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