Skincare’s best buddy is niacinamide, it is a form of vitamin B3 (which is niacin).

Our body needs eight vitamins for good health and maintains our quality of skin.
We all are living in social media era and a hype-up world. In the skincare world, some ingredients are playing their bugle in the market.

Is niacinamide worth praising?

So be with me till will deep dive and find out each segment of niacinamide how it will help you, what is it, how it works, and how you will have trust in a product like your lifetime buddy.

What does this vitamin B3 do? Simple, it is a vital player for converting your food into useable energy and support in chemical reactions which your body cells carry. Niacinamide is very useful when you have B3 deficiency, it is responsible for your skin health. This is the reason for it being very popular in the cosmetic and skincare industry.

Niacinamide has amazing anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Research says that it can help to reduce acne.
The best thing about niacinamide is that it is available in different variants like serum or serum with moisturizers.

OLAMOR has LayBare which gives brightening effects and makes your skin healthy. And provide amazing nourishment and hydration. It repairs and gives a smooth effect to your senses and makes the texture even.
When we use any product, it is important to know about its actual active action behind, unlike other products there is science behind Niacinamide’s action.
We all know that it’s Vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 is a vital and essential nutrient for our body living cells.
Research says molecule of niacinamide is very important to create and work ad defense line on the skin and helps against oxidative stress.
Niacinamide make pores look smaller so skin texture reflects smoothness.
This product is sincerely involved in cellular metabolism. This metabolism is nothing but biological effects. Means it has a direct connection with the skin protection layer. It has antimicrobial benefits & anti-inflammatory actions.

Why we need Niacinamide because our bodies naturally do not produce niacinamide so we can get through diet or we can use it as oral and get all benefits.

Now question is that, which skin type people can use Niacinamide?
Everyone can benefit from this molecule. Niacinamide is considered an All-rounder you can easily combine it with other routine and use it.

Olamor has a LayBare which has a balanced moisturizer and niacinamide which gives you a feel of texture and you will make it part of your lifestyle.
LayBare is a lifestyle, your skins best buddy.

I will define niacinamide as a crowd-pleaser, sensational product. This vitamin is suitable for all skin types.

So, use it and get that glow.!!!

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