Never thought MAKE UP Fasting is very important.

Never thought MAKE UP Fasting is very important.

Never thought MAKE UP Fasting is very important.

Never thought MAKE UP Fasting is very important. We always believe that fasting is way of cleansing our body.

Makeup is the most useful technique for even skin. Even if you have scars, you can always hide them with the right makeup technique but inside your mind, you always have that I have a scar or I don’t have an even skin.

I truly believe that makeup with nourishing ingredients make repairs your skin and makes your skin a healthy look, but it’s very important to use a good brand and should follow the right steps of makeup.
Using the right makeup which has SPF and if you are using a base of the right serum will give you the best look.

Makeup gives you a sudden glow and even look what everyone likes. The obstacle starts coming when we don’t remove makeup and sleep without using the right makeup remover.
I have given up makeup for sake of saving the glow of my skin.

I have never worn foundation and was aware of so many shades of foundation till I enter college. When my skin was getting some on n off acne, I also become self-conscious and was not aware of more skincare.

Being a teenager, I also wanted overnight results, instant glow but slowly I realize that good things take time. After trying many things, I just thought of swearing off to put anything on my face. I had made a plan no moisturizer no tinted oil no tinted balm no tinted blemish cover. The combination of masochism and curiosity was spurred, I have kept everything away from my reach and I came out with some conclusion. I felt my skin was striving for hydration all the time.

My pores were nicely open, and my skin was looking clear and I could see all my skin pigmentation very clearly. I felt once in a while keeping your skin like this will make you understand your skin quality.
Moisturizer, moisturizer, and moisturizer, I feel this is only caring your skin is looking for shine and glow skin, Now I use Revival from OLAMOR Which is effective and you have to use only two or three drops and you are done with it.

Keep your fingers off your skin, as per experts, do not touch your skin too much, sometimes there are bacteria in your hand and when you touch skin, they absorb pores inside and start damaging your skin.
Face packs and peels are good but do not do too often, strictly follow the discipline regarding this.
When you have facial hairs, use a technique that is suitable for your skin type, time when you use often threading pores become large, and when you apply any products that get stuck and create clogging of pores and sebum results in uneven skin.

Using the right products will give you amazing result and you will not have to hide anything behind the makeup layers, I am not saying makeup is good, even you will agree that makeup will give more good glow when you apply on clean skin.

so don’t forget to follow some time NO MAKEUP ROUTINE.
Makeup fasting is for cleansing of the skin.

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