Nutritious Drupes Almonds

Nutritious Drupes- Almonds

Nutritious Drupes Almonds

Almonds, we often find it on a grocery store rack and consider a valuable source of vitamins and had healthy nourishment ingredients. Are they nuts or fruits?
You must have seen it everywhere am I right?
We see a lot of nuts but have you ever seen an almond tree? Have ever been anywhere where you can see the almond tree?

We all think that an almond is a category of nuts but almond falls in the category of fruit.

Almonds are a seed of a fruit and are known as a drupe.
If you see almond tree fruits are hanging on the tree with light green very soft, silky and velvety. They are elongated in shape and 2 – 2.5 inches in length. The fruit texture is very smooth, but it is very strong and rough from the inside. When inside seed which we say drupe when it gets mature shell dropdown.
This is the story of almonds which is so commonly we are eating and having fun. Which is enriched in vitamins and gives lots of health benefits.

People-soaked almonds and eat. Are soaked almonds are more beneficial?

When we soak almond for 10 to 12 hours in water, it becomes softer and it enhances its texture and becomes buttery they are easier to digest because more water content  increases absorption.

We always related the consumption of almond with good skincare. Again, we have some questions that we should eat soaked almonds with skin or without skin?

Research says that the best way to eat almonds is soaked and skin removed. Any nut skin has tannins which prevent nutrients absorption and slow down the absorption process.

Different uses of Almonds.

  • Almond oil
  • Crush almond as scrubber
  • Almond milk for health benefit
  • Almond has massive health-related benefits.

Research says.
Almonds are highly rich in nutrients, healthy fats, vitamins minerals and they have antioxidants which help to stay you healthy.

Few benefits of this rich nut:

  • If you eat a small handful full, it has 162 cals. And some 2.5-gram carbohydrate which is digestible.
  • These nuts are loaded with antioxidants.
  • These nuts are full of the vitamin E.
  • Eating almonds can lower hunger and that will put your weight in control
  • They help to maintain skin health as they are rich in B vitamins so they help to make skin glow.
  • They are loaded with antioxidants, so they maintain skin damage & free radicals.
  • For hair care also almond oil which is rich in vitamin e keeps the scalp healthy and almonds are full of biotin which stimulates keratin production, which is essential for hair skin, and nail health.


How you can use Almond on skin:

  • Soaked 3-4 almonds in water and then crush it
    mix with cold milk and make even paste
    apply the paste on the face and neck regularly.
  • Keep for 10 minutes and emulsify & massage.
  • Wash with warm water and dry
  • Regular use will make your skin clear and smooth.


How to use Almond for hair:

  • You can use almond oil which is available in the market.
  • Almond is very useful for the scalp.
  • Almonds are not only tasty in eating; it gives the best result when applying orally.
  • So this nut you can eat drink and apply.
  • Having almond with milk has a lot of health benefits so don’t forget to make these drupes parts of your daily routine meals.

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