Post Inflammatory hyper pigmentation- Better you understand!

Post Inflammatory hyper pigmentation- Better you understand!

Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation- better you understand.

Who likes to see black dark spots on the face or blemishes which are irritating and more painful is inflammation which is called post-high inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is visible on the skin after a pimple or acne breakout and its sometime painful also. They look reddish, and they are the reaction of the body from any breakouts or inflammation.

So, you don’t have any choice to hide them you can only try to use dark concealer or some makeup tips.
We never understand that these dark dirty patches stay prominent for a long time even the pimple sot gets to heal. We keep looking that what method will lessen the prominent effect of dark and visible blemishes?

People who are having hyperpigmentation are always thinking about how to get rid of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Such a problem makes us feel less confident and frustrating for sure.
Preventing post-inflammatory pigmentation needs an in-depth look.

What is the difference between Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and acne scarring?

Most people feel it seems the same. Nut there some points which are different in this both so acne scars are forever they take a long time to heal as it is the result of damage of veins and tissues. Where post-inflammatory pigmentation is having short-term visibility, it does not damage tissue from within. It stays for some weeks, so it’s like a short-term challenge; if you take care then you get rid very easily.
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation has some specific symptoms that are skin loses color means discoloration of the skin.

Sometimes it comes out with reddish color sometimes it looks dark black so it’s within range of red to black patches. These patches are clearly said the severity of hyperpigmentation.
The visibility of Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is different with skin types. If you have a lighter tone or pale skin this becomes more visible.

The question is that does it remain forever? Or it will lighten with time?
Not most post-inflammatory hypertension stays for few weeks, if not treated then even it gets fade in some time. So if you want to get rid of it better you take preventive measures.

Don’t forget to wear SPF 50.

Monitor your skin daily stop touching your face skin rapidly.
Use sterilized napkins or tissue to avoid any kind of infection.
Do not get panic and start squeezing any spot.
Take medication or use products that are specially made for this cause.
Select products which have more amount of Argan oil or powder, Argan oil will help in skin discoloration.

There are plenty of options when you are ready to take action.
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can be a cure in few weeks, take care of it, will go in few weeks.
There are few treatments for PIH, as per research glycolic acid is good for PIH, glycolic acid purely comes from sugarcane, and its known as acne-fighting acid, it easily exfoliates the upper dead skins and makes the layer more clean and clear. This can help you make a PIH milder.

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