Olamor Pearl Facial kit with 6 Piece Kit

Pearl Facial Kit 6 Pieces Kit with Deep cleanser, Scrub, Gel, Cream, Pack & Serum 165gm

995.00 {Including Tax}.

Oxygen Facial Kit by OLAMOR

559.00 {Including Tax}.
Oxygen Facial Kit:

Red Fruit Red Glow Facial Kit by OLAMOR

249.00 {Including Tax}.

  • OLAMOR Red Fruit Red Glow Facial kit is specially prepared to keep skin radiant, healthy, oil-free, and to remove black/whiteheads, cleanse the skin pores.
  • it is enriched with the extracts of Cheery, Strawberry, Apple, Orange, Chandan, Kesar, Its special property is to give a natural glow, improve skin texture, and fair the skin complexion.
  • It helps in exfoliating the skin, keeps the skin hydrated, and fight against the signs of early aging. It can be used for all skin types.
  • EAN NO: 8908018823166

Essential Ingredients:

Strawberry Extract ( Fragaria ananasssa ) , Apple Extract (Malus domestica) , Cherry Extract (Purnus Avium) , Elva/Ghrit kuamri Extract (Aloe barbadensis).


Net. Wt. – 300 gm

Key content: Strawberry & Apple Extract, Cherry Extract


  • Red Fruit Red Glow facial has concentrates of fruits, that help in deep cleansing of the skin.
  • Enriched with real fruit extracts, this facial brings glow naturally.
  • This lessens pigmentation, blotchiness from the face and helps skin tone.
  • Fruit facials sustain the skin layers for shine and glow.
  • It helps in reducing dark spots, dark imprints, pimple spots as well.

Personal feeling

  • Soft and lustrous Skin
  • Clear & Glowing Skin
  • provides elasticity and luminosity to the skin



How to use

  1. This soft & oil-free cleanser not only cleanses the dead skin but also opens the pores to give a more fresh and clear look. Gently massage the cleanser for 3-5 minutes and remove it.
  2. Gently rub the face & neck for 5 minutes using circular movements and wash with lukewarm water.
  3. Apply a sufficient quantity of massage gel all over the face and neck in an upward circular motion for 2-3 minutes so that the cream is absorbed well.
  4. Apply a sufficient quantity of massage cream all over the face and neck in an upward circular motion for 2-3 minutes so that the cream is absorbed well.
  5. Take an appropriate quantity and apply it on the face and neck avoiding eyes. Relax till it dries. Rinse it with fresh water and apply moisturizing lotion.
  6. Apply a thin layer to cleanse skin and massage in a circular motion. The serum penetrates into the skin and forms a uniform layer. Excellent for use after stimulating treatment.

Additional information

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 26 × 4.5 × 14 cm



Red Fruit Red Glow Cleanser 30 gms.
Red Fruit Red Glow Scrub 30 gms.
Red Fruit Red Glow Gel 30 gms.
Red Fruit Red Glow Cream 30 gms.
Red Fruit Red Glow Glow Pack 35 gms.
Face Serum 10ml


Each 100ml Contains Extracts/Oil of Strawberry Extract ( Fragaria ananasssa ) 900mg, Apple Extract (Malus domestica) 1200mg, Cherry Extract (Purnus Avium) 800mg, Elva/Ghrit kuamri Extract (Aloe barbadensis) 1200mg, Mulethi Extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 1200mg, Apricot Oil (Prunus armaniaca) 200mg, Vitamin E of WGO (d alpha tocopherol) 30mg, Base Q.s.


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