Pros & Cons of Winter Skincare

PROS & CONS of Winter Skincare!

If you’re thinking that in winter only your wardrobe needs a change then you might be wrong! Your skin and your daily routine makeup might also need a change. In cooler weather, your makeup and skincare routine needs a refresher too. Here are some PRO’s and CON’s you need to look beautiful all winter long.

PRO’s: Product Switching.
Cold temperature, less humidity, and dry indoor air all lead up to one thing that is dehydration. Meaning dryer skin and nails that feel itchy. And just as you swap out summer’s light sundresses and tank tops for a warm feel, cozy sweaters, so you be switching your gel moisturizer for a creamier version too.
CON’s: Use Products that dry out the skin.
Even if you are methodical about moisturizing before applying color makeup or foundation, all of your efforts will go to waste if you use a powder formula. Swap your eyeshadows, blushes, and foundations for cream or liquid formulas for the colder months. Find out other beauty trends that are downright dangerous.

PRO’s: Layering your Clothes
It’s better to spend that extra money on buying an expensive sweater, or any winter gear. You can try out this winter DIY hack, try out layering of clothes this will not only save that you from cold winds but also save those extra rupees that you might spend on buying clothing.

CON’s: Colored Eyelids
It’s better to keep a distance from any neon eye shadow palettes, as they’ll clash with your other fall makeup looks, like a vampy lip and nude polish. Before you reach for the bright pinks, greens, or blues, remember that there are darker alternatives that will give you much for fitting and enviable, smokey eyes.

PRO’s: Waterproof your mascara
You may associate waterproof mascara with a hot summer’s day, or swimming with friends, but let me tell you that it’s equally important in winter rain and snow. A waterproof formula is a must when your eyes tear up from the temperature and cold winds. It’s important to remember that!

PRO’s: Nail Care
Nail polish is much more than just makeup it’s also a great accessory. It acts as a complement to your jewelry, long-sleeved blouses, and coats, so make sure your nail polish is always an appropriate color. Bust out the grays, nudes, blacks, cherry reds, Merlot, and even sparkly golds and silvers.

These are some of the PRO’s & CON’s of Winter hacks and might benefit you by implementing them in your routine winter life.

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