SCALP PROTECTION-do not neglect.

SCALP PROTECTION-do not neglect.

Scalp, we all know that scalp health is very important but still we neglect it because it is out of our vision area.
In the same way, we always neglect our back in terms of skincare because when we stand in front of the mirror we are not able to see that.
a healthy scalp is very important it’s like a home for the hair follicle, the same way a healthy home environment makes a family happy same way a healthy scalp makes healthy and happy hair.
We know that hair is directly growing from or you can say it come out through follicle, now as every follicle has sebum oil production which is happening with the sebaceous gland. now how much amount of sebum will directly depend on person to a person system.
so we have to make sure that the follicle or scalp, from where the follicle exits should be very clean and hygiene without duct so nothing is blocking to come out and have breathable space.
so the roots which are not healthy or somehow got blocked will stop growing and the production of healthy hair will cease.
as we know same like skin scalp upper skin keeps fading and new skin takes a place as dead skin gets removed from there and new skin comes out.



Scalp exfoliation is important to make the scalp clean from dead skin
exfoliation is the only way to shed dead skin from the head, you can do reverse combing or you can brush which will increase blood circulation also.
so sometimes if exfoliation is not proper or not done for many days it starts creating blocking or sometimes it becomes too dry and starts flaking so use very mind shampoo to have a healthy scalp.
so scalp always produces a certain kind of oil and sweat to produce a protective layer but when some time bacteria comes between this layer it starts creating infection all over. this bacteria can keep increasing or multiplying and start too much or excessive shedding or infection.
so healthy scalp needs hygiene routines.

Scalp Health :
• You hardly notice any redness on the scalp
• Check you keep putting your finger on the scalp
• Check your clothes are having any dusty flakes
• when you comb your hair does your scalp become sensitive?
• Any from this is yes then you need to give attention to your scalp.
• scalp gives you slowly indication, when we have Hairfall we do all analysis and forget the main cause.
• if you have any above yes do not hesitate to consult a Hair Expert.




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