Scalp that craves for Scratching.

Scalp that craves for Scratching.

Scalp that craves for Scratching

Scratching is CONTAGIOUS, when we see someone Scratching, our brains send some message to our body and we start feeling that.

WHEN WE THINK ABOUT CERTAIN THING is orbiting in our mind and even, we start itching.

Scratching is a very common and natural reaction for any dry or sensitive situation.

Here we are talking about the scalp. We are going to talk about if scratch with nails does it make your scrap itchier? Do that make your hair or nail unhealthy?
When we touch our scalp with our grown nails, is it a sign of making your hair or scalp damaged?
People with itchy scalp love to itch and they get huge relief when you complete your itchy sensation. We use brush or fingernails or some time comb also. We get extreme relief, but this relief is only temporary. And if you itch strongly, you are damaging your scalp for the long term.

Have you ever thought about what happens when you scratch your scalp with fingernails?

We know that hair strand has an outer layer which is the cuticle, there are protective layers, front and back itching can disturb and break the protective layers and your hair gets damaged and then easily break.
If we have sharp nails or our nails are well shaped its work as a weapon and when we scratch it might peel the thin layer of the scalp and make your scalp very sensitive so when you are our may pollution and harmful ingredients make your scalp sensitive, when the scalp is sensitive it directly affects your roots and when roots are affected hair starts falling.
So, we should be aware when we are scratching on the scalp or the skin, skin loses natural oil and that Makes your hair and skin sensitive.

• Few basic steps and how to itch whenever you have too much itch, find out the reason.

• If you are often getting, an itchy scalp this is the result of a dirty scalp.

• Check your comb. Do not forget to shampoo your comb & brushes, keep them clean.

• Like a Toothbrush make sure, do not share your comb with anyone.

• If itching is too much instead of using nails use the fingertip so that will have a mild effect.

• If you feel you have more itching moisturize your scalp.

• Coconut oil is considered good as it has to repair factors so. Warm coconut oil massage can reduce mild dryness but if you have flaky dandruff, Use the right antidandruff shampoo.

• Once in a week do reverse combing so the blood circulation will increase and you will have less itching.

• If itching is too much check your food intake and consult a doctor.

• Check for dandruff or you have inflammation or dull scalp. Connect with your doctor.

• Some people have a habit to keep outing their fingers on the scalp and play with it. Pampering your scalp with mild finger itching is good. But if you continuously have itching that is a problem and needs attention.

OLAMOR mi manchi – Eliminar shampoo is like yoga for the sensitive scalp and gives you an amazing healthy scalp.
Anti-dandruff shampoo is mild and gives instant results. It will make your hair visibly flake and itch-free.

The healthy scalp is a home for healthy hair. Maintain it.

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