The POST-MONSOON, PRE-WINTER skin care guide!

Seasonal changes harm your skin at the most, but with a proper guide you can achieve a best skin care routine which can not only protect your skin from seasonal changes like October heat but also deeply nourish your skin.

In Olamor mi manchi our objective is to make skin & hair care products at an affordable price range, we think a young and glowing skin is every individual’s priority to make a perfect first impression.

Here are some of the post-monsoon, pre-winter skin care guide:

  1. Skin hydration is the key when it comes in protection against the sun, on an average 2 litre’s of daily water intake is a must!
  2. Maintain a proper skin care routine which suits your skin and make sure to follow it Ph regular basis.
  3. Washing face is an important part in skin care routine but making a proper product choice is also important, our Pristine face wash which is an exfoliating purifier containing 10% glycolic acid which removes dead skin & impurities
  4. Make sure to apply a skinscreen before you step-out of the house, and the SPF should be around 40 for a best possible result.
  5. Avoid using heavy make-up if you are stepping out and make sure to use only genuine products!
  6. Go for seasonal fruits & vegetables salad in your diet these help the body to stay cool from within.

These are some of the tips and tricks you can implement inorder to achieve a healthy and glowing skin this season.

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