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Select Right Face Wash For your Skin

Select right Face Wash for your Face.

This is skin care where Gender Discrimination is allowed.

They are from the different planet, and they have different choices.
Women can spend hours and hours in front of a mirror to look immaculate and beautiful where very few men can do that. Men are more focused on hygiene.
Both have a different mindset when they look at the mirror, Male like to look sturdier, and females like to feel feminine.

But still, forget the days when being messy and unkempt was a character of Amazonian, today’s world female like groomed and well-styled males. As beauty research and analysis says before it was very less but nowadays 56 percent of men are using face wash and dwell in beauty tips. Why not males can also take care of themselves.

It is very important to find out the difference between the skin structure of both and as per skin structure product will be mild or strong keeping their gender in mind.
We all know and it’s visible that men are having facial hair where women do not, very common difference when we look at them.


There is a scientific reason, why skin looks thick, that Androgen stimulation causes thickness in skin because of this hormone and its active stimulation males are having 27 to 30 percent thicker skin than females.
Because of its thicker layer it gives a tough look.

As per science men’s physiology is also different so there is an active sebaceous gland in the skin there for more open pores and it creates the texture of the skin. Because of open hard pores, the texture looks very earthy and makes it look tougher. When comparing pores with females they have smaller pores so skin looks smoother.

Somehow in men’s skin sebum production is more so it makes their skin looks more shiner.
As a percentage of skin thickness and all other characteristics differ from person to person in males.

We can always see males and females develop wrinkles differently.

So, females do not need day-to-day skincare but males also require to take care of their skin.
So, a female is not the only one who needs a skincare regime, men, you need it too!

Males who are doing shaving have more sensitive skin because shaving removes upper skin cells also, Males have tougher skin as an increased amount of collagen in the dermis and because of that, there is a difference in ingredients used for male-female skincare products.

You are male or female, remember nothing is one size fit all.

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