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Does sesame seeds look make you sad !!!

Does sesame seed look make you sad !!!

We all like clear transparent, Baby skin, I feel sesame seeds look good on food not on your skin.
When you have skin that has clogged pores that can create an uneven look and makes you look patchy and dark.
Maybe this because acne scares aches or you have this pigmentation.
Patchy skin means that some area of skin color may be darker or lighter than another area.
So, taking care of skin is very important to avoid many of such issues and this concerns can make you feel dull and sometimes it can make the skin itchy and barren.

There are different types of patch you can see:

  • There are pores with dark blackheads, and it creates a very rough texture which looks something like sprinkle on the face.
  • Some are just like plain dots and you can feel that comes from the deep layer of skin, this might be small or big.
  • Some are the result of heavy acne.
  • Acne heaving like a ring and bumpy its call Pustules.
  • There are a lot of pus cystic acne will be a cyst or boil will be there this is very much visible and big.
  • Small sesame acne which is small in size but spread all over with black heads.

When you have such kind of acne or skin patches taking care is mandatory

People ask can we use a pore vacuum?

Yes, you can use a pore vacuum to stop congestion of pores but taking expert advice is important.

Pigmentation can be lightened with the right product like Lay Bare.
This will help your skin to smoothen and make it soft because it provides and maintain hydration. Additional ingredients help to exfoliate the skin so pigmentation starts looking lighten, this can help to maintains the glow of your skin.

We all know not only looks, but blackheads are also formed because of skin is dirty or too much exposed to the pollution, these are clogged pores they are dead skin cells which combine dirt and pore then create blackheads and they need treatments.

For hard blackheads skin, you can remove it with proper cleanup and then start using a product that gives protection to your skin. Remember self-squeezing or plucking with anything can create inflammation or rashes on the face. So use the right technique to clean it then apply the right products.

Lay Bare is best for all skin types but for such patchy and blackhead prone skin, Niacinamide helps to decrease oiliness.
Lay Bare (Niacinamide) always helps skin that is soft and if you have blackheads it helps to reduce it.
Lay Bare (Niacinamide) is considered an anti-inflammatory so it stops clogging of the pores. So when clogging is less, inflammation is going to reduce eventually.
Lay Bare (Niacinamide) control and reduce the production of sebum, and it keeps pores clear. When sebum is less there is no clogging when no clogging than no blackheads.

So using the right product is very important.


Three magic steps to prevent sesame seed look

Clean your face with PRISTINE FACE WASH.

Dry it properly, with Ambrosia Toner.

Apply Lay bare.

This routine will have an amazingly positive impact on your skin, and it is a required routine for your skin health.


Don’t miss your skin routine.

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