Skin disaster you can not avoid

Skin disaster you can not avoid

Skin disaster you can not avoid

Healthy, glowing, gorgeous & pinky skin is everyone’s dream.
I always think we always start taking care when we have deep skin problems.
Once we have any kind of skin challenges then we start following all kinds of products and start researching ingredients. We always look up to the most trending and hottest products available in the market.

And want to stay ahead in skin care routines and be a top trendsetter for skin routine.
And yet, our skincare reacts differently and we find out that our skin is acting differently and there is not control.

Some nasty things and maybe surprise that we can see overnight and this kind of silently attackers are difficult to tackle and gives us pain. This plays emotionally and mentally as nothing works on it and become a tenant who does not want to leave your personal property. These skin challenges make you self-conscious and you feel incredibly helpful less.

Whatever you wear or how much you style these challenges are difficult to get rid of because they continuously harass you. You should not despair as we all know every problem has a solution and same way even the most difficult skin challenges have something which helps you to get rid of it.
In such conditions, a calm mind and patience make lots of difference.

Few unavoidable skin guests:


This is a widespread skin challenge, acne can be a real mind-storming hassle. Discrimination never plays a role here as anyone can find acne regardless of skin type or age. Any age you can get acne or any type of skin you have acne can give surprise you.

What trigger acne is connected with many different factors.

  • Hormones can play a major role.
  • If you are allergic to some medicine.
  • If you have hair dandruff.
  • If you have some stress.

The above factors can be one of the factors to trigger acne.

We all want an answer, how we can get rid of it?

Truly even science does not have an answer for this, there is not a straight answer for this. I would like to suggest that whenever you start treatments find out what kind of acne you are having and how serious your skin condition is?

  • Minor active
  • Mild active
  • Extreme active

We all need quick results but persistence is the only way for clear, acne-free skin.
So when you find products that are giving you results and suitable for your skin stay consistent and you will see the result with time.


If you see and count ration of tan skin lover is very less. Very few people like sunbathing. That is true that gives a very good skin tone like gold to shiny brown.

But sometimes more time in the sun can make your skin bronzed coin to burnt bread. This sun burn is very painful it keeps burning and sometimes it gives rashes on skin. And this dark patch can take months or years to turn into the original skin tone. No one wants to look like beetroot or sweet potato so better you take care means precaution is better.

Find out the best SPF for your skin type that will not only help you from sunburn, but it will help you make your anti-aging process slow.
SPF will protect you again from highly strong UV rays which are responsible for skin damage.
There is some hidden truth about SPF. Some points which will guide you on how to use sunscreen correctly for better results.

It’s good to use SPF which has a water-resistant formula and a minimum of 30 SPF. With moisturizer
use a lot of SPF means make one thick layer of skin and that should be an even layer.
If you are directly in sun keep applying every two hours.

Prepare your skin before leaving so apply 10 min before you end up exposing your skin to direct sunlight.

If you feel that damage already happens and you feel irritation and itching, apply soothing cream with aloe vera mix with rose water and ice. This can soothe your skin.

Home remedies you can use curd and ice or cucumber with curd or cold tea bags soaked in ice water.
Once you feel a little relaxed then apply moisturizer which has some coconut oil and turmeric cream.
These are two basic skin challenges you cannot avoid. It comes surprisingly.

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