Skin Glow & Hydration

Skin Glow & Hydration

Skin Glow & Hydration

In English water, Spanish Agua in Italy aqua

Everyone needs water and staying hydrated is a necessity it’s not a choice.

H2o is the most talk of the town when it’s about skin.

It says it’s not about skin only, proper hydration or regular interval water intake is good for your complete health.

When you are having a good amount of water, that takes your hydration level up and makes your skin look plump and more prominent because

Plum skin looks stretched and look tighter.

Hydrated skin looks full of elasticity and fewer cracks are visible.

If you notice the person who drinks more water has less irritation on skin and blemishes also looks light.

Research had not shown any particular result about more water drinking with skin health but when you drink more water and because of hydrated skin your pigmentation looks less.

In the lightning of skin-replenishing of electrolytes plays a major role and because cells are getting enough water which will make your skin lighter and looks shiny.

As we know skin is made up of three layers.

  • Epidermis
  • Dermis
  • Subcutaneous tissue

Now let’s talk about the hydration effect layer by layer.

If the epidermis which is the outermost layer feels dehydrated the skin loses its elasticity and texture will start being rough.

So, it’s important to keep up the outer layer as it is directly connected with the atmosphere.

Other layers of skin are connected with each other.

Few steps to keep your skin hydrated.

  • Use warm water for skin hot water makes skin shrink.
  • Use gentle face wash.
  • A humidifier is the best option to get rid of extra humid and that makes the skin very oily and sticky so a humidifier will help you to stay fresh.
  • If you are in cold weather apply heavy serum and then cover it with warm clothing.

Research says that people with acne or clogged pores should have more water.

Because staying hydrated will flush toxins and pollution particles out from the pores. As cells are hydrated there is no space for pollution to enter, and water reacts with toxins and flushes out.

This will shrink your pores, and pores don’t get clogged and cause any kind of zits.

When your skin has less water and of course proper diet, fine lines start appearing and wrinkles will become prominent.

So, if you have more zits on your face or fine lines hydration can help you as 65 % of your skin is made up of H2O.

Water helps to increase your skin health and work as a skin health supporter.

If you have acidity and you are not having proper water that can lead to some skin-related problems.

As per Ayurvedic research, people with hyperacidity and indigestion have an increase in skin related problem.

Indigestion is related to water, have more water when you have indigestion other wise bodies react in a way to acne breakouts.

Staying hydrated makes you feel good and your skin will glow.

People who keep themselves hydrated have good soft skin, and they feel plenty of water drinking gives skin a transparent look.

So let the blood flow towards the skin with plenty of water.

“Stay hydrated and sparkle like a star.”

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