Skin Glow- Hydration Meter

Know Your Skin Hydration

Discussing skin is an interesting topic when so many different products and information are pouring into the air nowadays.

If you ask anyone about the skin, they will have all answers and sometimes we don’t understand the importance of that, we just follow because we might have seen that in the advertisement or n print media or on social media or celebrity is marketing for the same.

Hydration is a word that is used for skin or health purposes, when we talk about or use the word hydration water feeling are naturally flows in our mind.

Hydration of skin means you are giving water to your skin the same way watering plants. So when we think about hydration it’s nothing but your skin cells are not thirsty they are having enough water and that why they don’t get shrink.

Hydration is related to increasing water content in your body and skin becomes tight.

Same way if you have dehydration, your body organs are start shrinking and cells start to become very dry and small in size. Skin looks flaky and dull dry as water has H2O which means it has oxygen which helps cells to breathe properly.

The moment you see Radiant skin understand that skin has a good amount of water content.
Continuously hydration is key to beautiful skin, nowadays all moisturizers having a good amount of hydration factors. So always keep moisturizers on your top of mind when you need radiant skin.
We all talk about water content but what is right.

Research says that by using a Corneometer you can measure your water level, today sensor-operated Corneometer are used, so comparison happens by finding water content between different parts of the skin location.

A simple method you can use to check dehydration is

This is self-analysis, a little tricky but it works to understand the basic
Pinch your skin tightly on your upper arm or back of your upper arm lift it upwardly, if skin goes back to its shape slowly means you have a little less hydration level. This is very basic and varies from person to person.

This technique can measure even little changes in water content on skin locations and you will know the hydration level.

We all apply hydrated moisturizers or cream or any kind of water intake we do, water will be stored in cells. So two types of hydration levels are there intracellular (inside cells) and extracellular (outside cells).

Different part of the body has different Percentage:

So, we should know how much percentage skin has it?
Scientific research says: Different parts water resides in body parts are as per:

  1. Heart and brains contain 73 percent water.
  2. Lungs contain 83 % water.
  3. The skin contains 64 %.
  4. Muscle contains 79 %.


Few things to keep your skin hydrated.

  1. Have plenty of water to keep your organs healthy to maintain cell hydration level.
  2. Apply the product as per your hydration level and choose the right products.
  3. To take care of your skin beyond hydration moisturizer if you feel your skin needs more support.
  4. Damp your moisturizer rather than massages.
  5. Hydration face masks are very useful when you have fieldwork.
  6. Use OLAMOR products for better results and hydrating effect.

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