OLAMOR Skin and Haircare were formed with a vision to be the best buddy; a person has, to be the new constant, to care for your skin & hair. We have developed our products to the pinnacle and we won’t settle for it. We work on a formula.


Because best is what you deserve!

OLAMOR was carved out of the principles:

Inspiration–  To be the inspiration, you want to be!

Determination- A promise to be firm on taking care of oneself

Courage- To accept and flaunt who you are

Idealism- To change the idealism of unrealistic perfection

Stay Pretty

We don’t just sell Skin and Hair care products rather we deliver a promise to be there and guide you in your belle journey.


“Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly”

-Something true and experienced by all

To unlock our true potential and the luminosity of our skin and hair, we need to constantly take care of it. At OLAMOR we highly emphasize the culture of consistency in self-care. Different skin types deserve different care and our diverse product range and OLAMOR guide can equip you to score a 10 in your next personal goals. Beauty comes from within and you cannot achieve it overnight. We are obsessed with creating the finest Skin and hair care products for you so that you can sit back relaxed and enjoy the pampering you like to achieve through your regime.

All we ask for is determination and a promise to be consistent!

To help you with the Skin and hair care reminders we have developed a mobile application for customizing Skin and hair care reminders:


To Download Our Application Click on the Link

The Story of OLAMOR

The Oranges Tree have a new twig growing from its branch, an energetic, enthusiastic & alert baby!
With 12+ years of experience and has served more than 1,30,000 clients we have been a master in curing skin and hair challenges and efficiently solved them all.

What makes us precious?

We were always concerned about the product’s quality and its availability to every person around. That encouraged us in creating affordable and quality products with skin & hair care commitment. We took the responsibility for creating the best skin and hair care aid for every person around us.

OLAMOR Best Skin & Hair Care Products

Origin of OLAMOR

Hidden Desire –

One busy styling day the hidden truth revealed, in the styling industry makeup has become the second oxygen. But beautiful skin & hair is important and you cannot live without it.

The First Knock – Makeup for miss India Participants.

Found out that make-up is very important and the models were completely rocking it. But when it comes to natural beauty and showcasing your real self it is crucial to have a good quality of Hair & Skin.

Second Heart Hammering- International Beauty Fair.

International beauty fair for all the beauty conglomerates of the world. It was a flourishing environment for manufacturers distributors & also for brands that were busy showcasing and exhibiting themselves.

Suddenly everything became absolutely silent and Mamta felt that the  beauty industry is missing OLAMOR. Si Mi Manchi.

The idea was vague and was just a spark. But we had a very strong fuel consisting of 12+ years of practical knowledge about such products and what people want which in turn lit the Idea of- OLAMOR-Mi-Manchi

OLAMOR -mi manchi

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