SKIN IS IN – Maintain mode

SKIN IS IN – Maintain mode

SKIN IS IN – Maintain Maintain

Makeup has become the second oxygen for today’s life. Makeup is a second skin but still, we need to take care of our skin.

Every day you will find new makeup products are coming into the market.
The global market of makeup is booming like anything.

Everything is wavy only thing that is constant is your good skin.

What happens when you have good skin?

Clear gorgeous skin is mediation for the body it is not a pipe dream. It takes discipline and the right perfect knowledge about skincare and routine. Making that glass skin or skin with charm needs the habit of skincare.

Few routines you should follow:

  • Get up and remember. When I wake up in the morning, I first take warm water with lime.
  • Then washing the face with face wash and apply the serum.
  • We all think that morning we don’t need any skincare, but I feel morning is very important to look and feel your skin and fill the need of your skin.
  • Randomly applying any product is not right.
  • How breakfast is important for the body I feel proper skin care is important in the morning too.
  • Start with splashing water on your face
  • I always like to pamper myself and then apply products as per my skin type.
  • Before leaving home apply sun protection.
  • Have plenty of water.
  • Sleep like a Baby, our body and mind are interrelated when we sleep our regeneration speed becomes more as we are in relax mode.

When we have less time, mean the body has very little time to produce new cells and repair skin tissues. When your skin tissue is not repaired means, skin looks dull. Complete sleep will make your skin refreshed and cells will also feel fresh. So, the skin will reflect shiny and bright.

So, sleep well let the skin breathe and feel healthy then get the reward of sparkling skin.
Pampering before your Skin at night.

How we treat our skin in the morning same way it is important to make your skin relax when you are relaxing so if you are using night creams as per your skin, type your skin, will get a boost to repair the cells.

In night time first remove your makeup, sleeping with makeup is equivalent to
oxygen less life.

When you have makeup means you are blocking your skin from breathing.
You can use micellar water to clean your pores and complete the cleaning of makeup. Micellar water has different skincare ingredients, it has lactic acid which helps to balance your PH level.
Gentle exfoliation is important to get rid of pollution.
Use some chilled rose water on your face, this will be nourishing, uplifting, soothing, and rejuvenating.

Somehow, I always feel that my mood makes me look prettier and that hormones help my skin to glow.

Listening to your choice of music will always help you to make your skin very slowly, yes this sounds weird but try this, your skin is not only what you apply orally but its beauty depends on your emotional state also.

So, make exercise your routine.

Good skin is a reflection of your discipline and your mood.
We all know that the makeup industry is booming but nothing in comparison to good glowing and charming skin. That comes with a good skincare routine.

Charming skin is always loved.

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