Skin Tone and Undertones -your Skin charm buddies

Skin Tone and Undertones -your Skin charm buddies.

How To Know Your Skin Tone and Skin Undertone?

Sharing My experience with you today!

My best friend went to the makeup mall, and she bought good makeup stuff and suddenly she starts shining and looking sharper and groomed, I asked her to share her makeup kit with me I wanted to use it, I applied it and I looked so yuk, pale and grey after applying that, I just recollect same happened when she bought some nice earrings, I loved it but was not looking good on me. Why this, my friend and I both look same have the same figure and same hair still why some accessory looks good on her when same looks pathetic on me?

I realized that the same top makeup brand foundation looks different on, as they are not meant for me, we both have a different skin tone.

Being a Master Style consultant, I always guide people that it’s very important to know your skin tone and color palate.

The key to looking and reflecting good skin or flawless skin is understanding your skin tone and undertone.

So if you think you want to look good and you want to buy the right product for your skin type understand tone ad undertones.

So let’s understand your skin tone?

Each skin type has different shades and different complexion so if I have to break down skin tone I will do it very light, light, deep, and very deep.

You can always find out your face silhouette, so borderline of your face cut and you can check.
Examine Jawline silhouette.

  • This is a part which is exactly defining your skin border, so splash water on your face and find out in natural light what is your jaw silhouette and you will understand which category you are falling in.
  • Proxy advice – ask someone how they find your skin.
    If they say you are fair – your tone is light to very light
    if they say you always look tan – maybe you are light too deep
    if you look a little fair in winter and darker in summer means you have a deep to very deep tone
    so now this becomes something where more knowledge is required.

What is toning and what is the undertone
Skin tone is the surface of the skin, while an undertone is underneath your surface Skin?

Skin tone is measure by how much melanin you have on the upper layer.

  1. Very fair
  2. Fair
  3. Deep
  4. Very deep


Undertones are:

  1. Warm
  2. Cool
  3. Natural
    These are reflected when light falls on it.

We know how to find out skin tone like examine your skin and taking proxy advice but what is the way we know our skin undertone.

Three ways are very common.

  • Skin vein test
  1. Find the prominent vein visibility.
  2. Blue and purple veins-cool tone
  3. Greenish veins – warm tone
  4. Sometimes you find both veins – neutral tone.


  • GS Test
  1. The silver accessory looks good on you – cool undertone.
  2. The gold accessory looks good on you – warm undertone.
  3. Both look nice – neutral color tone.


  • Pure white paper
  1. Pure white paper against your skin
  2. If skin appears yellow – warm
  3. If pinkish then – cool


  • Natural light test

If your skin gets tan easily then, you have a warm and neutral tone, not then you have a cool undertone.


  • Colour analysis – watch which color compliments you.
  1. If blue suits you – cool undertone.
  2. If yellow shuts you – warm color.
  3. If any shades suit you – neutral

Once you understand your skin tone, it’s easy to buy products.
If you know tones undertones, you will land up buying the right products for you.
You better understand that, not one formula for all. Everyone needs different formula.

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