Stretch marks Its a Child’s autograph.

Stretch marks- Its a Child’s autograph.

Stretch marks- Its Child’s autograph.

Stretch marks made us remember Moms.

JUST MOMS AS THEY HAVE a lot of pigmentation and stretch marks. Mothers keeps thinking that how this will disappear?

Before knowing that will it disappear or not we need to understand that what is this stretch mark and how this appears.

So we need to understand that stretch marks are not only for the moms .. they are for the people who are playing the game of YOYO of gaining and losing weight.

Some teenagers also find these stretch marks as they have certain kinds of hormones changes when they are growing up.

So how we will define stretch marks?

So these stretch marks or lines are types of scars that appear on the skin when skin quickly stretched or shrinks. this cause because of abrupt changes in collagen and elastin which help our skin to stay tight and from rupture, as the skin gets slowly heals and alike stitching marks stretch marks appear.

Our body reacts when we gain or lose weight. as skin loses its elasticity.

It always appears as long bands of lines that are horizontal or vertical and parallel. this looks very different from your normal skin, it’s like different textures and colors are also seen like purple to reddish or sometimes dark gray also. when you touch your stretch mark they are very soft and you feel indentation on your skin. Sometimes these stretch marks can give you a sweaty feeling and you feel itchy also. so after pregnancy, these marks are more prominent.

Now the question arises that do these marks fade away or disappear with time or do they stay forever and what causes stretch marks?

As we know the cause that skin stretching and an increase of cortisone in your system causes stretch marks.

Nowadays when people are gaining losing weight very fast stretch marks are very common .complete removing of stretch marks is not possible and you can use treatments to fade that away or achieve less noticeable textures.


There are few methods to control your stretch marks.

  1. Using anti-stretch marks oil and keep skin hydrated so the skin does not look drier.
  2. Microdermabrasion is a type of skin polishing that helps to polish and fade the outer layer of skin and rejuvenates with tiny crystal balls to reveal new skin. This technique will help to correct the appearance of older and stubborn stretch marks.
  3. There are some creams which help to restore collagen and make skin healthier so stretch marks look lighter.


Risk of developing stretch marks:

  1. Pregnant lady
  2. Being an overweight
  3. Your skin shows YOYO WEIGHT LOOSE AND GAIN.

So which part of the body can have more stretch marks?

  1. The stomach is most common.
  2. Chest.
  3. Upper arm.
  4. Behind thigh.
  5. Buttocks.

Medical treatment and daily care aren’t guaranteed to fade away or cure stretch marks.

What kind of precaution you can take at the time of pregnancy.

  • You can apply coconut oil and almond oil on the stomach or the part you feel got more stretched.
  • Such oil will help to maintain elasticity and when skin becomes loosen.
  • It helps to repair skin and make fine lines look lighter.

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