Those curves to feel pink

Those curves to feel pink

Those curves to feel pink

Lip balm, we like to pick up when we enter any store but we always forget to apply on day-to-day basis.

Applying lip balm is something that we all should make sure to get on board.

Forget about your gender. Lips are exposed to all kinds of weather and all kinds of seasons. They always sustain in dry weather or the coldest weather. Lips never get any time break from exposure. Lips can define your beauty because they occupied the most important part space on your face.

Hydration is mandatory for lips to make them fuller or make them look Beautiful. Hydration is responsible for youthfulness and wrinkles appearance of lips. We never reconsider our lips when it’s beauty care, that part always comes last in the list of lip care.

So few things we should keep in mind.

We all like plump and hydrated lips which look pink and full of life.
So ask your self do you taking care of your lips and what are routines you are following to make your lips looking healthy and youthful.

We all know that lips can make us look more aged. Good care makes them look attractive.
We neglect lip balm and then when suddenly we feel dry, we start licking lips to make them hydrated. Do not do that make your lips drier so when you lick your lips saliva stick on the lips make evaporate your lips moisture from within and after sometime lips feel drier. So, make sure when you feel your lips are dry you feel that hydrating with saliva can make them look healthy that is not right. Better you apply some good quality lip balm. Keep lip balm handy so you can apply when you feel dry and lick your lips.
Generally, we feel that exfoliation is only for the skin, but even your lips need exfoliation.
Your skin accumulates dead skin same your lips can also accumulate dirt and dead skin… Exfoliate with the right products and you can definitely.

Please use lip balm with fruit fragrance and you will love it which will make your lips plump and pink.
We all know that lips are lack melanin. The pigment that protects your skin from sunburn. So, use proper lip balm and protect your lips.

The only thing that will make your lips look amazing will be hydration and protection from again the sun.

I have got the inside basic trick to keeping your lips soft and likable. These are my tactics.

  • Wash your lips with water, and pat dry them.
  • Take 2 spoonful of cold milk and put two or three rose petals
  • Crush the rose petals and mix with milk.
  • Now take small satin cloth and apply this fresh pure rose petal milk on lips and exfoliate it.
  • Wash with water and apply edible butter and let it moisturized.
  • Your lips are very soft and ready to absorb hydrating ingredients.

It’s a kind of sponge and absorbs water very easily. So, make them hydrated on and off and you will see the result very soon.

Save your lips to present as shrink dead and dry. Take little care and make them look pink, plump soft, and kissable & curve of your lips will enhance your beauty.

Your pink lip curve is your pink love for yourself.

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