Top 6 Benefits Of Using A Wooden Comb For Hair

Top 6 Benefits Of Using A Wooden Comb For Hair

Everything You Need To Know About Wooden Hair Comb


You comb your hair frequently, if not daily. Therefore, the type of comb you use is crucial. Let’s examine the advantages of a wooden comb over a plastic one.


I grabbed the wooden comb at first just out of curiosity.


I wasn’t sure what to anticipate. But as the hours became into days and ultimately into months, I found that I needed one.


I can still recall the time I misplaced my one and only wooden comb. I was forced to use the old plastic one, which was bad for my hair. After that, it became staticky. Additionally, the plastic comb kind of felt unnatural because I am accustomed to the feel of wood on my scalp.


The following day, I placed an order for three different types of wood combs.


It has been over ten years since the wooden comb replaced the plastic one.


It’s now a daily necessity for me and one of the nicest items I own for the condition of my hair and scalp.


What makes a wooden comb so beneficial? And why you ought to consider switching. There are many more benefits to using it besides the fact that it lowers static and feels soothing on the scalp. Here are several reasons to use a wooden comb:


Use a wooden comb on your hair and scalp for these 8 advantages.


Use a wooden comb on your hair and scalp for these 8 advantages.

1. Combing is Similar to Head Massage:


The wooden comb’s teeth feel wonderful against the scalp. It resembles receiving a head massage from little fingers. It is soothing and kind to the scalp.


2. Improves Circulation:


The wooden comb’s massaging properties increase blood flow to the scalp as you comb, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the roots. In turn, this will encourage the growth of thicker and healthier hair.


3. Improves the luster and bounce of hair:


Improves the lustre and bounce of hair

Sebum, a natural oil produced by our scalp, serves as a beautiful conditioner and protective for the hair. The sebum is uniformly distributed as you comb from the scalp to the ends, enhancing the gloss and bounce of the hair.


A wooden comb distributes sebum more effectively than a plastic one. Sebum is absorbed by wood, which uniformly coats hair as you comb it.


4. Prevents Static:


Keep in mind that we performed the static experiment with the plastic ruler and paper pieces when we were children.


Similarly, using a plastic comb can make our hair staticky and cause it to stand out erratically. What causes that to occur? Positive attracts negative, which explains why.


Our hair has a positive charge, while the plastic comb has a slight negative charge. Static electricity is produced as a result of the passage of electrons from positive to negative while you comb.


Due to static, hair initially adheres to the comb; however, as soon as the comb is removed, the hairs reject one another and stand out.


Wooden comb prevents static since it has a nearly neutral charge.


5. Decreases Breakage of Hair:


Decreases Breakage of Hair

This is due to two things:


First off, because it won’t produce static, the wooden comb detangles hair more quickly. Another benefit is that when you comb or style your hair, it remains flexible and protected because the natural oils on the wooden comb coat each hair strand. You will observe reduced breakage and split ends over time.


6. Soothes Dry and Flaky Scalp:


Dry scalp cannot be cured miraculously with a wooden comb. However, its massaging effects aid in restoring a normal level of scalp oil production, which in turn aids in overcoming a dry, flaky scalp.


7. Promotes the Growth of Hair:


Promotes the Growth of Hair

The wooden comb has several beneficial effects on the hair and scalp, including increased circulation, natural oil conditioning, and better scalp health. And one of these advantages promotes the growth of healthy hair.


8. Benefits the Environment:


The wooden comb is not only gentle on our hair, but also on the environment. A wooden comb may decompose without harming the environment, in contrast to plastic, which cannot decompose and is harmful to the ecosystem.


How Do You Maintain Your Wooden Comb?


In order to prevent transferring dirt and grease back into your hair, wooden combs must be kept clean just like any other comb.


Take your comb with you when you wash your hair each time, and wash it as well. Warm water and light soap can be used to clean it. Clean it lightly with an old toothbrush if it’s greasy or unclean.


Where to Buy?


The wooden combs are available in various locations, but you can also order them online. Here are some excellent examples I discovered:


Wide-toothed wood comb: suitable for all hair types


Comb with a wavy handle for long, thick hair


Comb with fine teeth for straight or wavy hair


For straight or wavy hair, a wooden bristle brush provides a wonderful massaging effect.


Use a wood comb, if so? I’d be interested in hearing your opinions.

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