Variations In Style

Variations in style

There are different styles of people, and it varies on many different factors depending on their ambiance, place, mood, Motives and the way they want to be perceived. The variations in style can be easily understood by this two bifurcations which are Observance Style and Comfort style.

Is it ok? To feel little less than what you want to be.

Is it okay? Not knowing about your execute congruence presentation?

Is it important to know about who you are?

What is your natural personal style or behavior flow?

Does our way of behavior makes any difference in our style or confidence level?

Word style itself has so many different meanings that when you talk about it you have to be very conscious that how are you going to define it. When we define It how, what, where, when all these segments pull us in deep thinking.
There is a quote which says “Present Your Self-same Wherever You Are.”
I was thinking is it possible for anyone to behave the same, even though how confident you are, how easy you are how well behave you are?
After working in this industry for a long time I found out every individual carries an aspect of style, one is comfort another is observance style.

variations in styles- Comfort Style

Comfort Style:
When we talk about a comfort style that reflects with a relaxed state of mind when logic is at ease. In this style anything that happens with our self has to do with comfort style means the absence of any burden of following or getting excellent persuading value. Where you have a balance of physical and psychological state both are at an equal level. Unconscious comfort zone.
When you are at this level, you prefer to stay on the style scale which is an untailored, loose silhouette.

variations in styles- Observance StyleObservance style:
I like to define this style with mask style because you are very conscious, Do you remember when you wear a certain outfit, may that is not your choice but society occasion, certain culture has demanded of that and you have to follow that to be in society. This style makes you look around. So when you are in this style, you are at careful consideration.
In this zone, you try to follow dressing which gives position based perception. You keep dressing, tailored clothes & aesthetic sense in mind.
So when people ask you about what is your style, that answer has two wings.
No one has one style in this competitive world. We all have two styles wings one is comfort style and another observance style which wears a mask, this mask is a positive mask as that helps us to maintain executive style congruence.

Our behavior depends on these two styles and how we are using it. Right proportion and balance of these two style define the direction of our confidence.

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