Water retention effects on skin

Water retention effects on skin

Water retention effects on skin

Fluid Retention

Fluid retention scientifically says edema also, so fluid accumulate under or within the skin tissues, away from the circulatory system we often talk about water retention, we always say and talk about water retention when our face or body looks fluffy.

What do you mean by water retention when we talked about it?

Water retention is extra water which the body throws from the organs, there can be any reason may be hormones change or some time body salt increase, this all is responsible to retain more water. Our body is made from water.

So, water retention is directly connected with an imbalance of water contain. When you have water retention, you feel lazy, heavy, or less active or you feel uneasiness also.

This causes skin puffiness, body bloating, and a major issue of swelling.

As we know this can happen to anyone and any reason can be there like diet intake or hormones cycle or some time it is in your genes also may be genetics.

Many times, lifestyle changes can also give you this problem, so you should check for your lifestyle.

How can one know that they have water retention? What are the basic sign or symptoms for the same?

Few things you can check:

  1. The abdominal area feels bloated or heavy.
  2. Your shin or ankles feels swelling.
  3. Sometime your feet look like a balloon.
  4. The face looks like a sponge your joints feel stiffness.
  5. Sudden weight ups down.
  6. There are few basic root causes of water retention.

Some people get water retention when they travel by plane, because of change in cabin pressure and sitting for an hour.

Have you ever noticed when you sit for a longer time, or you cross your legs for a longer time you feel your legs or feet feel heavy when you try to get up? This time our blood circulation is on low extremities means blood circulation is very slow. We should move and walk for some time then we feel good.

Sometimes when you are standing or being at one place for a long time it causes water retention. So it’s important to get up and move around, so the body gets blood circulation. It’s because of gravity effect on blood circulation, so stand up and stay moving.

Eating too much sodium can also create issues.
Eating too much processed food can make your body react. Have you ever noticed some medication has water retention as a side effect so check before taking it?

Few remedies that can help you with water retention:

  1. Follow a low salt diet.
  2. Try to limit top salt.
  3. Add magnesium and potassium-rich food. (Banana, avocado, tomatoes)
  4. Have protein food properly.
  5. Remember to rest with feet elevated.
  6. Wear socks that are compression, this helps to prevent, accumulation of fluid in the feet.

So try basic remedies if it does not support this is time to visit your physician and take proper advice.

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