HairCare When Scalp is a Frying pan!

Haircare, When Scalp is a frying pan!

Haircare, when your scalp is a frying pan

Haircare when your scalp is a frying pan, full of oil and dirt, pollution is frying in that and making crisp clogged pores?

Before discussing oily scalp or dry scalp it’s important to know what is the difference between them.

Oily hair = oily scalp + oily hair
Dry hair = dry scalp = dry hair
Combination= oily scalp + dry hair OR dry scalp + oily hair
Normal hair: looks healthy everything in balance.

Let’s find your Hair type.

Make partition in your hair.

-Take tissue and dab on your scalp on the second day of your hair wash.
– If it’s not showing anything it’s dry.

-If it has oil patches then oily.

Make sure you are not sweating else there will be a chance of a false result.

There is no difference between “Oily hair & bad hair look day” are same, I feel it only has a different definition but that is the same thing both makes you feel sad and lack confidence. This hurts your self-esteem.

We all complain about hair fall and hair fall makes us very sad because hair is our beauty. Oily scalp reflects our hair as unhealthy hair and unhealthy hair makes our face look dull. What is this oil and from where it comes?

As per trichology research, oily scalp is the result of overreaction of glands, that is a sebaceous gland which is responsible for oil production in the scalp sebum is very good for health because it protects hair but too much sebum will make your hair look oily, an oily scalp is not a bad thing but if it is too much its actual headache as you have to increase your routine for hair wash in one day your hair starts looking dirty, as you have more oil, hair will attract more pollution and dirt from the air. Which makes your hair look dirty and your hair loses the neat look. When there is too much sebum, it will block the pores and clogging of pores is one of the major reasons for the hair loss.

Have you notice people with oily hair, always complain about a flat and sticky look, even after shampoo they suffer from sticky and greasy hair.
People with hair greasiness always have hair styling struggle because it’s difficult to style & maintain the look. Wash your hair properly and make sure it dries completely.

I know it seems like a very simple and not at all important tip as we all know how to wash our hair & maintain them. But people with greasy hair need to give proper attention to their scalp as that can lead to severe damage of hair.

Do not wash your hair with extreme detergent-based shampoo.

Do not scrub your scalp because that will not help at all.

Take a very small amount of shampoo.

With grease hair, do not give attention to hair give attention to scalp and roots.

Find out the right cause of the oily scalp maybe that is because of some hormonal changes.
Once you pinpoint the cause of oiliness it’s easy to treat it. Take experts’ advice on this.
Cut back on Repetition of shampooing.

To avoid the overproduction of scalp sebum, do not shampoo too much, try to use dry shampoo and volume hair powder.
To avoid the overproduction of sebum use an on-off clarifying shampoo. To avoid too much oil production use often clarifying shampoo. This will help to clear your pores and scalp.

Make a regime for hair care, using the right brand and right product will give you result in some time. Oily hair is already shiny do not use more shine-enhancing shampoo else your scalp will become a frying pan.

Different types of hair need a particular type of regime. Know your hair type and prescription for hair care regime.

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