Eyebrows are the most important highlighted part of our face.

Our eyebrow sometimes defines our face value.

whenever you are doing face evaluation f the person’s eyebrows define the person, Curved eyebrows person consider as very creative, straight eyebrow person considers as assertive, straight eyebrow women always consider as masculine because of a straight line it does not reflect feminine personality, Now when today’s world even eyebrow is considered as a personality judge thing its important for us to maintain proper eyebrow hair growth and take care of eyebrow hair.

As I say eyebrows are the most important feature of your face its important to know how you maintain eyebrow hair and how you increase eyebrow hair.

if you want to know how to grow and make your eyebrow looks darker & luscious ,There are a few hacks that will help you to increase your eyebrows,so here we are talking about some of the most popular and useful tips which will work for growing eyebrows naturally, this all hacks are used but everyone has different skin so if any tip can make you feel itchy or react stop using them immediately.

Organic Castor oil :we all know about castor oil which is derived from castor beans and caster plants. the scientific name of the same plant is Ricinus communis,

Castor oil promotes growth in your eyebrows and this gives darker and thicker eyebrows.

now how this castor oil helps to grow eyebrow hair as it contains fatty acid antioxidants, vitamins that help to make hair follicles healthy.

Method -Clean your face and eyebrows with a good face cleanser

-Take cotton buds and slowly apply them on your eyebrows then massage them for 5 min and leave it for 30 min or you can keep for overnight, Keep using it till you find the difference.

Dry coconut oil :

we all are big fans of coconut oil. Botonicl’s name of coconut is Cocos nucifera

coconut is full of protein and iron, vitamin E, this oil is known for healthy and thick hair growth people use this of head hair also.

take a cotton bud and apply it to your eyebrows

don’t forget to massage in one direction to increase blood circulation.

coconut oil is different from other oil as it has different compositions of fatty acid.

Repeat for 2 months,

Egg yellow yolk:

we all know that egg white and egg yellow where the yellow or golden part is nutritionally dense. and had far more vitamins and egg white. we all are aware of the importance of yellow in the egg but when we think about nutritional value, eggs are extremely rich in biotin that helps to grow eyebrows faster and darker.

Take yellow in a bowl – beat ,Apply on eyebrow Twice a week.

One should do exfoliation of the eyebrows as that can increase the blood circulation and make follicles more breathable and that can also help to grow eyebrows, which will unclog your eyebrow One can use a baby brush to do exfoliation of the eyebrow. do not pluck eyebrows too harshly, do not forget to take vitamins.

Vitamins are the main support for hair growth.

These simple and home-based hacks will make your eyebrow darker and thicker.

Tell us about your Eyebrow shape write in the comment box.

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